Radio Shack Weather Alert Radio problem

Radio Shack Weather Alert Radio problem

Post by Robert G. Schaffrath, N2JT » Fri, 04 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I have a Radio Shack 7-Channel Weatheradio? with NWR-SAME decoding
(model 12-249) which recently developed a problem.  It was failing to go
off during the weekly Weather Service tests and was displaying "CHECK
OP" on its LCD display.  Further testing revealed it would not decode
any alert transmissions even though the radio reception was working
fine.  I ordered a copy of the service manual from Radio Shack National
Parts and, after doing some testing, discovered that the radios SAME
decoder was slightly out of alignment.  The radio had been on almost
continuously since February 1998 and there was probably some slight
change in some of the component tolerances.  A slight adjustment to
resistor "R2" per the alignment instructions fixed the problem.  

Many hams, like myself, are using these radios in conjunction with
Skywarn.  If you have one, I would recommend making certain that it
passes the weekly alert test that the weather service broadcasts.  If it
displays "CHECK OP" for more than one week, it may be in need of a
decoder adjustment (occassionally the weather service skips a weekly
test if there is a possibility of severe weather).  Note that the radio
must be on continuously for at least a week for the "CHECK OP" to come
on.  If you turn the radio off periodically at intervals of less than a
week, the problem may exist but you will never see this message as the
radio gets reset when powered off.

Robert, N2JTX

Robert G. Schaffrath, N2JTX (RGS71)