TS-830 filter question

TS-830 filter question

Post by Clark Savage Turn » Tue, 22 Dec 1998 04:00:00

>I have just purchased a Kenwwod TS-830S (thanks to all who replied). It
>hasn't arrived yet and I have a question re: SSB filters. I have a YG 455S1
>2.4 KHz SSB filter and I am not sure which radios these were meant to be
>installed in. If the 830 is not one of them, is there a way to "make it work"
>in the 830? If not, is there a xstal filter for the 830, or is it such a good
>radio that it won't really benefit from such a filter? Thanks everyone. Merry
>Christmas and a happy year!

Hi Paul:

There is no "Slot" for the extra SSB filter in the 455 line for
the 830.  Now, if you have an early 830, it has the MuRata
CFJ 455K5 filter in it.  Not bad, but not good.   If it is a
later model, it has the CFJ 455K12 in it, much better as far
as shape factor.  Since the 830 has the YK 88S1 ahead of that
(in the 8.8 IF), it does pretty well overall in either case,
but the K12 is an improvement.

You can stick the YG 455S-1 in there, I have just done that
myself.  You need to wire it in with mini cox and use
DC blocking caps.  I used .1 uF disk ceramics, worked fine.
Feed the hot leads through a cap on each end to block DC so
that the diode switching works OK.  (The ceramic filter does
not pass DC, the crystal filter does.)  It will narrow the
sweet audio that comes from the speaker by a small amount,
some guys would stay with the K12 because it is really not
a bad filter for a ceramic.  However, the crystal filter will
certainly help contain QRM on the sides, much steeper slopes
and ultimate rejection.  

If you do this and have no need for the Kenwood filter board,
would you swap or sell it to me?  I need one :-) .