Help requested on handheld purchase

Help requested on handheld purchase

Post by The MUD Ga » Tue, 21 Jun 1994 08:07:26

Hi. I have been considering buying a scanner recently. In the (near?)
future I will also probably see about becoming amateur licensed...
As such, I was hoping to solicit opinions on a couple of
scanner(/transceiver) handheld units that seem to offer the features
I want:

   - ICOM 2SRA (2M transceiver, 50-900Mhz receiver)
          Sounds like a great combination for my needs, but the local
          (note that I live in Vancouver, British Columbia) radio
          outlets say that at best it is mediocre as a transceiver and
          as a scanner...

   - Yaesu FT-530 (2M transceiver & 440Mhz transceiver)
          Reccomended to me by a local radio outlet as being a good
          transceiver, and it can be modified to receive 108-180Mhz,
          300-500Mhz, and 800-9??Mhz.
          I'd really like to hear from anyone who owns this unit
          about how useful it is as a scanner after being modified.

   - Uniden Bearcat 2500XLT (wide coverage receiver)
          Sounds like the best wide coverage scanner available for the
          price. Local radio outfits reccomend it, but sell it for too
          much. The file in the hamradio archive that describes how to
          restore cellular reception for this unit warns that there may
          be model(s) that are different from the one described by that
          modification file. Has anyone actually seen one that cannot be
          modified to restore cellular reception?

I'm told that the AOR scanners have too many intermod problems to be
useable in my local area. The Yupiteru MVT7100 sounds nice, but is too
expensive for me for just a scanner. The "Trident"(/Camnis) models that
Ace advertises sound nice featurewise, but I'm concerned that I would
not be able to restore cellular reception on any of them (again, though
this is posted from Stanford, I live in British Columbia).

Currently I'm leaning towards the Yaesu FT-530, as long as I can be
reassured that it will make a fairly decent scanner in it's extended
receive frequency ranges.

Thanks in advance for any help in making my decision!

[Richard Postgate]