Looking for PL tone mod for Kenwood TS700A

Looking for PL tone mod for Kenwood TS700A

Post by spamm.. » Wed, 22 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I have started using the old TS700 my Dad left me and it was made before
the days of repeater PL tone activation. I understand there are tiny PL
circuits available so I can use this unit with repeaters but the local
Hams-R-Us isn't too specific about how easy they are to install.

I'd like any hints about which of the units available are easy/difficult
to install, work/don't work, etc.

The TS700 has a mechanical resonator from back in the days when
repeater activation tones between 1500 and 2500 Hz. Would I have a
chance of finding a resonator for 100Hz? I doubt it would work anyway
since the tone is not sub-audible.

Thanks in advance from the 144.2 neighborhood. It's a
good neighborhood but the locals are getting impatient when they
respond to my piddly little signal  with their 1500W 6x6 20-element
EME arrays and find out I'm only 3 miles away.  

-wiley  kf6iiu