Anti-Static Wrist Straps

Anti-Static Wrist Straps

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I've come by a supply of disposable anti-static wrist straps,
which are a great (and safe) way to make sure that you are
grounded when working with static-sensitive devices such as CMOS
integrated circuits. Sure, you can run a clip lead from your
wrist-watch or ear lobe to a convenient ground, and that will
take care of static.  But it will also route any high-current
electricity that you happen to come in contact with, and is a bit
like working with your bare feet on a wet floor.  The SAFE way
to do it, as with these straps, is to incorporate a
current-limiting resistance so that static will be grounded off
without an increased risk of electrocution.

While I've started including one at no charge with the Island
Keyer kits, I've got more than I really know what to do with.  So
here's the deal--

Send me One Dollar ($1.00) and an SASE with 55 cents postage on
it and I will send you FOUR wrist straps.

I'll also include some product literature since it won't increase
the postage cost.  Or if you are ordering something from
Milestone Technologies via the web site (url below) or by phone
just mention this to get any number of wrist straps at 4/$1 with
no additional postage cost.

By the way, these are genuine 3M 2209's in original sealed
packaging, and they are UL certified. They include the wrist
strap, paper lead with embedded conductor and resistance, and
copper foil tape to attach to a convenient ground.

Send your dollar and an SASE with 55 cents postage to:

Milestone Technologies
3140 S. Peoria St. Unit K-156
Aurora CO 80014-3155

rather than take up bandwidth in the newsgroup!