FT2500M Yaesu Mods

FT2500M Yaesu Mods

Post by Marc Bur » Mon, 11 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Looking for any mods for the Yaesu FT2500m, any kind is welcome,
possibly i'd like the one for out of band transmit,




FT2500M Yaesu Mods

Post by Andrew Li » Thu, 14 Dec 1995 04:00:00


>Looking for any mods for the Yaesu FT2500m, any kind is welcome,
>possibly i'd like the one for out of band transmit,



Well, I've spent considerable (maybe too much!) time toying with the FT2500M,
and here's what I've found:

1)      Hold down the A/N key while turning the power on. Now all the zeros
        that appear in the alpanumeric part of the display are slashed. Repeat
        the mod to revert back to normal zeros.

2)      Hold down D/MR and A/N at the same time while turning power on. You
        will get a display that says CH-x where x is a memory location number.
        Now the radio can only tune to frequencies that are stored in memories,
        and not do manual tuning. Repeat the mod to exit this mode.

3)      There IS a mod for OOB xmit, but it does in no way expand the receive
        range. I'm not a CAP/MARS member, and I found this mod by accident
        (BTW, when hunting down mods, ALWAYS hook up a dummy load to the
        output!). Yaesu didn't put this mod in as a 'toy' or secret that
        people could find out for themselves, they intended it to make the
        radio useable for non-ham purposes by people authorized to do so. I
        won't personally give this mod out, but if you can prove to Yaesu that
        you indeed are licensed to transmit out of band, they will tell you how
        to do the mod. I'm not trying to belittle anybody by saying this; I
        just want to give some info on how to properly go about getting the
        mod. I don't have Yaesu's number handy, but their address is (from the
        back of my manual):
        Yaesu U.S.A
        17210 Edwards Rd.
        Cerritos, CA 90701
        You could call information in California for their number, or better
        yet, call any radio store that carries Yaesu and ask for the number for
        Yaesu USA.

BTW, has anyone found out any mods BESIDES the out-of-band xmit/receive, DTMF
decode, or OOB memory storage mod for the FT530? I have heard a rumor of an
over-the-air clone mode, but haven't seen it yet.

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