FS Icom PCR-1000 Computer Controlled Receiver/Scanner With PDA to run it.

FS Icom PCR-1000 Computer Controlled Receiver/Scanner With PDA to run it.

Post by mike » Fri, 04 May 2007 18:18:29

Icom PCR-1000 Communications Receiver
Computer Controlled
Receives 100 KHz. to 1300 MHz.
Does 9600 baud packet.
There's even a program to connect to your
sound card to do trunk tracking.

Comes with a Palm PDA
to run it portable

Or if you'd rather use a full PC

And there are other programs with more screens
Scanning capability
Spectrum Analyzer-type Displays
Programs that run on a PDA, DOS

This is a most excellent receiver with endless
possibilities using your computer.

Serial number 2046
It's reported that serial numbers below
3500 had frequency modification abilities
that the FCC didn't like.  But I wouldn't
know anything about that.

?Frequency coverage (MHz)
U.S.A. : 0.010000823.999999*
Europe : 0.0100001300.000000*
*Specifications guaranteed 0.51300 MHz only.
?Receive system : Triple superheterodyne
?Mode : WFM, FM, AM, SSB, CW
? Frequency stability : 3 ppm at 1300 MHz
(0C to +50C; 32F to +122F)
? Frequency resolution :1 Hz (minimum)
? Power supply requirement :13.8 V DC 15 % for receiver unit;
or, supplied AC adapter
(negative ground)
? Current drain (at 13.8 V DC)
Power ON (PC power OFF) : 0.1 A
Max. audio : 0.7 A
Standby (squelched) : 0.6 A
? Usable temp. range : 0C to +50C; +32F to +122F
? Intermediate frequencies
1st : 266.7 MHz
2nd : 10.7 MHz
3rd : 450 kHz (except WFM)
? Selectivity
WFM : 230 kHz/6 dB
WFM/FM/AM : 50 kHz/6 dB
FM/AM : 15 kHz/6 dB
FM/AM/SSB/CW : 6 kHz/6 dB
AM/SSB/CW : 2.8* kHz/6 dB
*Software indicates 3 kHz.
? IF shift range : More than 1.2 kHz
? Max. audio output : 200 mW
(at 10% distortion with an 8 ? load)
? Antenna connector :BNC (50 ?)
?RS-232C connector : D-sub 9-pin (female)
? Ext. speaker connector : 3-conductor 3.5 (d) mm (1/8")/
48 ?
?Dimensions : 127.5(W)30(H)199(D) mm
(projections not included) 5(W)13/16(H)727/32(D) in
?Weight : approx. 1 kg; 2 lb 3 oz.

Comes with:
PCR-1000 Radio
Whip Antenna
AC Power Brick
User Manual
Original Control SW on Floppy
Palm Cradle
Palm Software Disk
Palm to PCR Interface Cable
PC to PCR Interface Cable
Palm Control Program
Stock Icom Control Program
Several Other Control Programs
All progs are freeware and available on the web.

Receives DC to Light!
Works Great
Looks Great
Low Serial Number
Ready to Go


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