9600 baud packet mods....

9600 baud packet mods....

Post by Jerry Pruett - KD4C » Wed, 18 Aug 1993 03:18:28

I posted a previous msg requesting 9600 baud mods for the IC-229H.  So
far, I haven't had a positive answer on that one.  The radio doesn't
belong to me, but from some some of the reponses, it appears that there
is not a varactor input for the TX available in the IC-229H.  Can anyone
confirm or deny that.

I also had a question regarding the 9600 modification for a Kenwood
TR-7400.  That is also a radio with which I am not familiar.  If you have
a mod for the TR-7400, please forward it to me.  Also, I would obviously
be most interested in replies from those who have actually made said mod.


de Jerry