Some notes on a "modded" FT-50RD

Some notes on a "modded" FT-50RD

Post by KP » Sun, 13 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Hi all,

Thought I would share my recent FT-50 experience with the group hoping it
will help someone out..

I recently traded some equipment for a used FT-50RD ser # 7N24xxxx, when I
received it I couldnt get the correct repeater offset (it was 2.63 Mhz by
default and goes in 50Hz steps, so .58 or .63 was the only option) and the
auto repeater shift didnt work.  Even though the seller would have taken it
back I wanted to see if I could fix it first so I ordered the ADMS-1e
software.  I could program the correct repeater offsets with the software
but if the radio was reset it would default back to 2.63mHz.  I read all the
"mods" and tried hexediting the .tpl file to change the band in this radio
back to stock, but the software would always always give me a "corruped
file" error when I tried to upload it to the radio.

I figured I would would try some of the hardware mods to get the radio to at
least work like it should, a 600khz offset IS kind of important.  After
popping out the keypad I noticed someone had already tried both the solder
pad and resister mod, they were obviously re-soldered.  I figured what the
heck and unsoldered jumper #1, which is supposed to be the mars/cap mod.
Funny thing is the radio wouldnt even TX at all with this removed - just the
opposite of what was supposed to happen.  I guess someone tried to "hack'
this radio at one time and screwed something up.  At this point I called
Yaesu and the gave me the generic "its messed up in hardware, send it in and
we'll call you with a price."  After talking and e-mailing around with
several people someone suggested I try a freeware utility from Yugoslavia,
it has a small "config" menu that lets you change bands without hexediting

The good news is it worked, the radio was on band "C4" whatever that was.  I
returned it with the software to band "A1" which is the way the radio is
supposed to be from the factory.  I had the proper US offsets and ARS back,
I also tried the mars/cap mod with the jumper removed and now it worked,
interesting...  I imagine I could use the software to switch bands,
including the "wide freeband" mod but all I really wanted to do was get the
radio to work as it should out of the box, I have no reason to TX out of

The way the radio is now all the advertised "mods" on the net work as they
should - except hexediting the .tpl files, I assume they designed the newest
revision (1e) software to prevent "hacking."  I really like the radio, if I
didnt I wouldnt have spent so much time getting it to work.  I also hope
this post will help someone out who has a radio with the same problem I had:
screwed up repeater offsets and no ARS.  The funny thing is that when I
received the radio, it had no more capability then stock US (RX or TX) so I
have no idea what someone was trying to accomplish by modifying it the way
they did.

Good luck and 73,

PS: the FT50 programming software I used to fix the rig is at:

And of course you will need an interface cable, I bought the ADMS-1 software
and the cable that came with it worked fine.  Well worth the 39.00 so I dont
go blind programming the radio by the keypad :-)