FS: MJF-941E Antenna Tuner

FS: MJF-941E Antenna Tuner

Post by Tony Heatwol » Tue, 14 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Hello. I have a MFJ-941E antenna tuner for sale. The tuner is near new,
just bought a month or 2 ago. It works 100% and is in maybe 9.5/10
cosmetically. I'm a non-smoker and this tuner has never been mobile. I
will sell it for $100 shipped UPS Ground and insured. Add $10 for COD. I
will ship it other options if the buyer is willing to pay the extra
charges. Here's a little information on it:

FEATURES: 1.8 To 30 MHZ Operation (160m-10m), 300/30 Watt Ranges, Reads
SWR Up to 8.0, Transmitter/Antenna Tuning Knobs, Built In SWR/Forward
Power/Reflected Power Meter, Cross Needle Meter, 12 inductor levels (A-L),
4:1 Balun, Built In 8 Position Antenna Switch

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: 1998 MFJ Ham Catalog, Original Box, Original Manual
(Not A Photocopy), 5.5 Ft. RG-8U Coax. Cable To Connect To Rig.

Thanks a lot for looking, and let me know if interested. Will consider a
trade for a MFJ-969 antenna tuner.

Nat Heatwole

KB3CBW, Tech Plus