FS: Motorola "Spirit" VHF Handie-Talkies ("HT's")

FS: Motorola "Spirit" VHF Handie-Talkies ("HT's")

Post by Bill Golde » Mon, 07 Apr 2008 05:53:07

For Sale:

I have a pair of exceptionally clean Motorola Spirit (Model MV24CVS)
VHF "Handy-Talkies" ("HT's"), with two matching Motorola Desk Chargers
for sale.  Seldom will you find any used Motorola equipment in such "clean"
condition as these VHF handheld units are.

Features of these Motorola handheld VHF radios include:

    * Both are rugged and reliable Motorola 4 Channel VHF models;
       both are 4 channel units, with channels easily programmed and
       easily selected using the channel selector switch on the top of
       each "HT".  No other equipment whatsoever is needed to program
       the frquency or the "privacy tones" used by these units.

*     Both units are "self-contained", with built-in microphones and
      built-in speakers; nothing else is needed.  Units are "ready to go"
      the moment you receive them.  Operation couldn't be simpler, so
      even a young child can operate these units easily.  A copy of the
      complete owner's guide, which includes all usage and programming
      instructions in "non-technical" English, is included

*     Other external controls include a volume and a squelch control,
       as well as jacks for connection of an external microphone and
       an external earphone, if desired

    * Both units include their Motorola VHF "duckie" antennas

    * Both units include good rechargeable NiMh battery packs

    *  Additional rechargeable NiMh battery packs readily available
       for these units at very reasonable prices

    * Both units include their Motorola desktop "cradle" chargers
      (with plug-in wall transformers and charging indicator lights)

    * Each of the 4 channels allows selection of a user-programmable
       tone for channel "privacy"

    * Two of the 4 programmed frequencies in each of these two
       "ht's" are "MURS" frequencies, which require no FCC license

    *  These units are ideal fo personal and family communications,
        sucn as for communicating from work or school to home, use
        when shopping, camping, road trips, group trips, etc.  They're
        also ideal units for emergency local communications use for
        emergency preparedness use

Very simple programming instructions are located on the inside of both
unit's battery covers, making programming simple and convenient.  They
can be programmed easily without the need for any other equipment;
these "ht's" have a synthesized "voice" that tells you the frequencies as
you step through each of them while programming frequency and "privacy"
tone for each of the 4 channels.  The range of of these rugged and reliable
handheld units is approximately  5 miles (depending upon terrain).

Will sell for $100.00 plus the actual shipping charges (to Cont'l U.S.),
payable by USPS Postal Money Order only.

Thanks & 73,

Selbyville, Delaware