Packet radio inquiry

Packet radio inquiry

Post by Sol Lightm » Fri, 27 May 1994 02:40:24


My organization will be buying some telecommunications soon, and one of
the options we would like to examine is setting up a packet radio link.

Here is the situation:  Our campus operates on a digital phone system,
and the people who run the digital phones are very stingy about giving
out analog lines.  We would like to have an analog line to set up a fax
modem.  Barring this we would have to spend about $350 extra to get
something called a Terminal Adaptor Unit installed, and that would give us
9600 BAUD connection to the local computer network on a separate data line,
but no fax capability.  (Not to mention the phone itself costs around $200)

The idea occurred to us to use a packet radio to link to a volunteered
data-line.  They undergrads are given free digital datalines in the dorms,
and we may have a member off campus, even better, willing to install an
analog line and set up our computer's fax modem there.  This would be
cheaper and preferable.  We may even be interested in a second radio
which would send/receive voice calls on an off-campus phone, but we would
probably like to scramble the signal.

Any suggestions?  Assume we will not be able to put up an outdoor antenna(sp?)
Also, we would like something more or less pre-packaged and simple.  Assume
a budget of $300 for the packet radio and $200 for the voice radio.  I am
clueless as to how much these things generally cost.

Thanks for any help.


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