Slow Scan TV on a C= Amiga computer.

Slow Scan TV on a C= Amiga computer.

Post by Matthew D Wils » Sun, 05 Dec 1993 01:10:18

Well, my Dad has asked me if he can use my Amiga with it's new digitiser
(Vidi-Amiga 12) to send Slow-Scan TV pictures over the airwaves.

At the moment he's using my old Sinclair Spectrum, but the Amiga can
produce nicer looking graphics and doesn't take five minutes to load
the program and another couple of minutes to load a picture from tape.
You can get Spectrum emulators for the Amiga, but there's no mic socket
on the Amiga to use with the program!

Anyway, any information on programs, any circuits etc.. appricated such exists -
I don't know whether I'll fully understand it but I sure my Dad will.


- Matt.
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