FS: Motorola - VHF "Handie-Talkies" ("HT's")

FS: Motorola - VHF "Handie-Talkies" ("HT's")

Post by Bill Golde » Thu, 03 Apr 2008 15:21:03

For Sale ---

I have a pair of exceptionally clean Motorola Spirit (Model MV24CVS)
VHF Handhelds  ("HT's"), with (2) Motorola Desk Chargers for sale.

Features of these reliable Motorola handheld units include:

    * Both are 4 Channel VHF models - 4 channels easily
      switchable using channel selector switch on top of
      each "HT".  Other external controls include volume
      and squelch controls

    * Both units include their Motorola VHF "duckie" antennas

    * Both units include good NiMh battery packs

    * Both units include their Motorola desktop "cradle" chargers
      (with plug-in wall transformers and charging indicator lights)

Ideal for "point-to-point" communications use by anyone, or for
emergency and emergency preparedness radio communications.

Easy programming instructions are located on the inside of both
unit's battery covers, making programming simple and convenient.
Range of these rugged handhelds is approximately 5 miles.

Includes a complete copy of the Motorola "owners manual" for
these radios (written in easy-to-understand, non-technical language).

$ 100.00 plus $ 7.50 for Insured Prioriity Mail shipping, with Delivery
Confirmation (Cont'l U.S. only).

An excellent value ... don't miss out on these great VHF "HT's" !

Payment by USPS Postal Money Order only, please, for immediate

Thanks & 73,

Selbyville, Delaware