FS or Trade list 07-05-2002

FS or Trade list 07-05-2002

Post by gundo » Sat, 06 Jul 2002 12:47:39

Please if you have questions or want to make a trade contact me off

lists are not swap lists and only tolerate my post because it is only

once a week. To the group owners thank you for letting me continue

to post to the group.


I will be at the Indy Hamfest Saturday July 6 so if you are going and

Want me to bring anything in specific e-mail me and I will try to bring

It along.

GE Portables

GE MPA VHF Scan 136 - 150.8 split 192 channels nice 9.0

Condition. With battery and charger. I have this programmed for

Ham and up to 152 MHz before it will not lock on frequency.


GE MPA VHF Scan 157 - 174 split. 192 channels. Nice radio 8.5

condition with battery and standard charger. I have it programmed

down to 154 MHz with no trouble but will go no lower. $225.00

GE MPD select model 470.- 488 MHz. 48 channel Alpha-Numeric display.

With battery and standard charger. 7-7.5 $85.00

GE MPD scan VHF 150.8 174. 48 channel alphanumeric display. These

look good and come with a battery and standard charger. $100.00 each.

MPD Voice Guard VHF system model with full keypad. 48 channel alpha

display. With battery and standard charger. $115.00

GE KPC 300 VHF 16 channel scan. Nice radio with battery and

antenna. No charger with this one. $100.00

GE KPC 400 UHF 16 channel scan. Full DTMF pad on this radio.

This one has a charger. $185.00

GE PCS VHF 2 channel. Like new 9.5-10 condition. 150 -170 MHz.

With battery, antenna, leather case, and pocket charger. $100.00

each. 2 available.

GE PLS VHF 16 channel. These average an 8 - 8.5 condition. 150 -170

but I have programmed these in the ham band with no trouble. These

have battery, antenna, and standard charger. $75.00 each

GE PLS UHF 16 Channel. 8 to 8.5 also. 450 - 470 split but I can

program these to the ham band. With battery, Antenna, and Charger.

$85.00 each. Have 3 of these.

GE MPS VHF Like new 12 channel. With new battery, new antenna, and a

standard charger. $70.00

GE MPS VHF 12 channel. 8.5 condition. New antennas and NOS batteries

Standard charger. $60.00 each have 2.


GE MPS UHF 48 channel. 8 = 8.5 condition, These have NOS batteries

And have 4 banks of 12 channels. These can go to the ham band. I

have been Using one of these on my ham repeater and it works great.

$60.00 each I have 8 of these. Programming on 12 channels included.

GE UHF MPS 8 channel with 8 different tones. 8 different tones can be

Selected for each different channel. Battery and antenna. $50.00

GE Monogram UHF 10 channel portables. 3 radios 2 new batteries and 1

good battery. With 1 dual slot charger. $200.00 all 3 radios.

GE Monogram VHF 10 channel portable. 157-179 split. ex CSX radio. I

sold this radio a year ago but have taken it on trade. Condition 8

with belt clip and charger. I had this radio run for stolen from CSX

by a local CSX Special Agent when I first bought these in a lot and

was told that it had been sold at salvage. Perfect for a RR Museum or

shortline on a budget. This could also be programmed for marine

frequencies. Like new tall Battery. $100.00

GE Mobiles

GE Phoenix SX VHF 128 channel scan. With Mic, Has all 8 proms.


GE MVS 800 conventional 2 channel. Without mic tested OK $45.00

GE MLS UHF 8 channel. With Mic, power cord and hang up box. MLSU240

450. - 470 Looks good. $125.00

GE Mastr II UHF 75 watt with preamp. No Icoms drawer only.

MC65KKG88B $90.00 each only 2 left

GE Mastr II Lowband 42-50 slit 110 watt. MC74KCN33A

With 1 set of Icoms $45.00 each I have many.

GE Mastr Pro Low band 110 watt 42 50 split. MT74TCS33

With 2 sets of Icoms. $10,00 each. I have many.

GE Mastr Pro 110 watt lowband 42-50 split in a wall mount cabinet

With a power supply for a base. $35.00

GE Mastr exec II VHF 75-watt mobile complete with accessories. $60.00


GE Mastr exec II VHF Mobile extender (repeater like Pac rt) for Mastr

II or Delta. $20.00 each

GE Mastr exec II VHF Mobile extender for GE Ranger (only Exec II that

I have seen marked Ericsson) $65.00

GE S990 head 128 channel scan. Just in not tested. $60.00

GE S550 head 16 channel looks good but not tested. $35.00

GE S700 head and complete Motorcycle cable set for Delta or Ranger.

16 channel model has short cable and some handle bar mounts. Mic

included but no speaker. Not tested yet since I just got it in.


GE Mobile Vehicle Adapter for MPA, MTL, MPD, and TPX. This unit

charges your battery and turns your portable into a mobile radio.

(Convert a Com) With mic, speaker, and power cable. $90.00

GE Accessories

GE TQ 2310 suitcase programmer. Has PLS, Phoenix, Delta s/sx, Voice

Guard, MPS, and Ranger. Printer is working Has manual for the

programmer and the computer. Has Phoenix cable and Voice guard cable.

All in the original GE case tested and working. $850.00

Mastr II control cable. $8.00 each

Mastr II head for mobile repeater operation. $5.00

Mastr II Mic. $5.00

Mastr II 8 channel tone boards. $5.00

Mastr Exec II VHF receive section. $20.00

Mastr Exec II VHF E***r. $18.00

Mobile Repeater cable for Mastr II. $10.00

Mobile Repeater cable for Delta or Ranger. $20.00. I have seen

programming cables made from these.

GE white Versatones, 103.5, 162.2, 173.8, 179.9, 186.2, and 203.5.

$4.00 each. I have a large amount of 203.5,186.2, 179.9, 173.8, and

162.2. If you buy 10 = $3.00 each. Buy 15 =$2.50 each. Buy 50 = $1.50


GE Mastr II Icoms. EC = $5.00 each, 5C = $10.00 each.

GE Delta cables. These are the downloading type used with the S820

heads. And all other heads $40.00 each

Delta mounting plates. $10.00 each

Ranger mounting plate. $15.00

Power plugs for S500, S550, C500 etc heads. Good pulls $5.00

GE S-550 / 500 and others mounting brackets. $5.00 each

GE MPA, MPD, MTL standard Speaker mic. $25.00

GE PCS Universal charger. With wall transformer $20.00 each

GE MPA standard chargers. $20.00 each

GE MPA Rapid chargers. $30.00 each

GE MPI desk charger with wall transformer. $10.00

GE MPI Rack charger, 8 position. 25.00

GE MPI Mobile battery charger, Rare. $20.00

GE Battery discharge analyzer. For MPA, MPD batteries. Attaches to a

rapid rack charger with a DB 15 cable and uses a MPD body to attach a

battery to. Has LED readout in display area of MPD body to tell

discharge rate. Another rare GE goodie. $45.00

GE shoulder strap like new, attaches where belt clip is. $15.00

GE Belt clips. $10.00 each

GE Voter. Has 9 total rec. cards and 2 TX cards. With extender card

and power supply / speaker. $300.00

Other Radios and Accessories

Motorola Saber III Secure VHF 146 split 120 channel radio. Alphanumeric

Display. Has Battery Smart charger and speaker mic. I have been using this
on the VHF ham band. Has a new case that was installed at the Motorola
Rockford, IL Depot

So it also has a new model sticker that they put on as well. Nice 9.5 or
better radio.


ADI AT 201. 2 meter portable nice like new and in the box with the

manual. Has 5 watt battery and wall charger. $85.00

Yaesu ft 2400 2 meter mobile. Has Mounting Bracket and manual. Nice

2 meter Radio. $115.00

Radio Shack HTX 212 2 meter Mobile. 30 memories, Scan. Works great.

This was in my van before I added another MVS so I know it works.


Uniden SPU480K UHF 8 channel portable. Has two good batteries drop

In charger and speaker mic. $80.00

Maxon 5050a Low band portable pair. Like new condition with 1 battery

charger but I will split up the pair if someone wants 1 radio only. 6

channels programmed for 10 meter ham band on 2 repeater pair and 4

simplex frequencies. 2 radios and 1 charger $185.00

Marconi UHF portable. 16 channel scan with NOS battery. Made by

Midland. $65.00

Midland 70-336B VHF Mobile radio. 8 channel scan. with mic.$65.00

Motorola GP300 VHF 2 channel. on ham band. Has battery OK condition

and charger. $150.00

Motorola Mitrek VHF high 110 watt drawer only. $50.00

Motorola MT500 VHF nice shape. Crystals removed but I have 1 set of

crystals for each radio. Also have a working battery and charger for

each. I have 4 of these. $50.00 all

Uniden SMS 825 TS, 800 MHz Dash mount radio. $45.00

Voter from IMTS phone system. 2 rec. and 2 TX cards. $40.00

Maxon Rapid Rack charger for 0510/0520 radios. Think they will work

with the sp2000 as well.$35.00

Consignment section

This area is for a few friends who like those other radios you know

"Motorola" They are good people and I will pass along any trades you

may wish to make.

MOTOROLA X9000 VHF 50 watts, alphanumeric head, Siren complete.


Motorola single rapid chargers for HT600, MT1000, P200. $25.00 each

Motorola HT1000 UHF Intrinsically safe Re-cased looks new. 16

channel scan with charger. $425.00

Motorola P200 UHF high power. 6 channel. $150.00

EF Johnson Challenger UHF 80 watt trunk mount, 99 channel Alpha-

Numeric head. $225.00

Want List not FS

Extra parts for GE suitcase programmers Data modules, Printers, cables,

proms, Anything you have extra. MPA or MPD portables what do you

have and what do you want for them? Johnson scorpion program cable.


All prices are plus shipping from 40201. All items are used unless

noted and only have a no DOA warranty if I say it works. If I say

not tested your on your own. If I think it may be bad I will not list

it. I take cash, Postal Money Orders, Paypal, and checks but I hold

them for up to two weeks to clear before I ship. If you have a