Mod: Yaesu FT-8000R Expanded TX Mod

Mod: Yaesu FT-8000R Expanded TX Mod

Post by David Johanso » Sun, 19 Jan 1997 04:00:00

The FT-8000R Expanded TX Mod

 Behind the front panel (LCD Display) of the radio were the
 Lithium battery is soldered. You will see a PC board similar
 to the one below. There is a row of 15 jumpers. There is a
 larger component on the 4th and 6th position from the left.
 If you remove the component at the 6th from the left position
 and reset the radio you will have expanded TX. This does not
 open the cellular block on the radio. It may be controlled by
 one of the other jumper locations on this row of 15.

 |                    :::::::::::::::                  |
 |                         ^                           |
 |                         |             Lithium       |
 |                         Remove        Battery       |
 |                         R3028                  ___  |
 |                                               [   ] |
                                            Mike Connector

 For educational use only! Do not transmit outside the
 Amateur Bands! I am not responsible if you damage your radio.