FS: AOR AR8000 Full Coverage

FS: AOR AR8000 Full Coverage

Post by Mik » Fri, 18 Apr 1997 04:00:00

For Sale:

 AR-8000 Computer Controlled Receiver
 .1-1900 MHz Complete Coverage, No Gaps.
 All Original Packaging, Ni-Cads (Never Used), Antenna.
 Scout Mod (3 wire-serial port)
 (Pseudo?)Discriminator Mod
 Clean, Non-smoker.
 No case scratches
 Extra LCD Cover (Just in case)
 Extra plastic Shell (I bought an extra because I thought I might need it.)
 SC-8000 Soft Case definatly warn, but still good.
 Extra FFC Cable, Good for optolinx.

I've had the 8000 for almost a year, It's worked quite well, but I've talked
to alot of people, and I've come to the conclusion that that the Icom R-10
would better suite my needs.

I'm asking $550 plus shipping by UPS or FedEx COD.

I'll entertain reasonable offers.

Thanks for your time.

73's de Mike

P.S. Some other stuff I've got for sale...

 ASUS Pentium Motherboard w/ 256K Cache (75-200MHz)  $90
 Intel Pentium 100MHz CPU                           $140
 Intel Pentium 150MHz CPU                           $230
 2 16MB 72Pin EDO DRAM Simms                        $160

 Optoelectronics DC-440 Tone Decoder with Nicads    $200
 Realistic DX-440 Shortwave Receiver                $150

If you're wondering why I'm selling all this stuff, I'm
tring to raise anough money for a new radio at Dayton!

Reasonable offers will be considered.