<<New and FREE Classified Web page Now Open on the Web>>

<<New and FREE Classified Web page Now Open on the Web>>

Post by Raymond Sarr » Wed, 24 Jan 1996 04:00:00

The Raymond Sarrio Company1s Ham Radio WWW site is proud to announce a
FREE Ham Radio classified advertising page at
http://www.csz.com/sarrio.html. This new classified page will allow Hams
to find equipement with the help of a search engine--no need to scroll
through 1001s of listing before you find that special piece of gear. Plus,
when you find the gear you'er interested in, you are also provided with
easy point-and-click e-mail access, directly to the Ham that listed the

For those Hams with gear to sell, take note! there is NO charge to list
your equipment within Ham Classifieds, and there will be no posting time
delays.  Your posting(s) will go on-line in our classified search engine
immediately. All you need do is fill out a simple forms page, and upon its
(point-and-click) submission your 3For Sale2 classified is immediately

I will be purging the classified listings initially, about once every
month, but that timeline will shorten as our classified numbers grow.

Give it a try, and let me know how you like it (we are still beta testing)
731s Ray
Brillar Enterprises http://win-win.com/brillar
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