FS: Popular Commincations Magazine Back Issues

FS: Popular Commincations Magazine Back Issues

Post by meadowcom » Fri, 09 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I have the following back issues available for sale. Popular Communications
has a wealth of information on scanner frequencies for police, fire,
satellite, government, and more as well as articles on Broadcasting
History, Prate radio, and CB.

These issues are in good condition and need a good home. They make an
excellent addition to any radio club or school library. The best,
reasonable offer will be accepted fo these issues.

The following is what I have:

April 1983 thru December 1983   (Double issues for December and October)
January 1984 thru November 84   (July and December missing. Double of April)
January 1985 thru July 1985     (September and October are OK.
                                August, November, December missing. Double September)
1986 Complete                   (Double of October and November)
1987 Complete
1988 Complete
1989 Complete
1990 Complete
1991 Complete                   (Double of February)
1992 Complete
1993 Complete
1994 Complete
1995 Complete
January 1996 thru November 1996

Thank you.