FS: Icom PCR-1000, Icom R-10 Receivers

FS: Icom PCR-1000, Icom R-10 Receivers

Post by Mik » Mon, 24 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Please use the following e-mail address. Apologies for teh wierd spam-filter
chars, but I get enough spam already.

Delete the "*"'s.

For Sale, Icom PCR-1000

This is the computer controlled receiver, full frequency coverage from 10kHz to
It's a wonderful receiver, fully computer controlled, and beginning to see a
flurry of third party support.

$400.00 + Shipping/COD

For Sale, Icom R-10

A top notch handheld receiver, can be fully computer controlled. Full frequency
coverage from 500kHz to 1300MHz.
This is an export version, the case has never been opened.
It also included NiCad batteries, as well as the CSR-10 Dos Cloning Software.
This radio is supported by most computer scanning solutions because it utilizes
the standard CI-V command set.

$350.00 + Shipping/COD

If someone would like both the above, I will sell them for $700.00, and I will
pay for shipping.

If you're wondering why I'm selling, I'm trying to consolidate my radio
equipment to generate some extra cash.

I will entertain _reasonable_ offers on the above receivers.

Thanks for your time, Please e-mail me at above address.

-Mike, KB8VKF