TS-140S vs TS-50S vs FT840 vs IC725

TS-140S vs TS-50S vs FT840 vs IC725

Post by Sami Boul » Wed, 23 Nov 1994 13:36:40

I'd be interested in your experience and opinions on the
Kenwood TS-140S, Kenwood TS-50S, Yaesu FT-840 and Icom IC-725. The
two vying for my choice are the TS-140S and FT-840. Areas
of interest are:

    -How would these rank as receivers, in terms of selectivty, dynamic
     range, sensitivity, etc.  ? I do a lot of shortwave listening,
     mainly on AM, but sometimes on SSB, so the quality of the receiver
     is important. How would the receiver on these rigs compare with, say
     a Kenwood R5000? Do I really need to get extra filters for my kind of

    -How do these compare as transmitters?

    -Does any rig have any serious deficiencies or lack of an important
     feature (e.g. lack of a VOX, if that's considered a deficiency)? Or,
     are all these more or less the same?

    -How easy is it to operate these rigs? How good is the supplied

    -How reliable are these rigs? Does any have well-known quality
     control problems? How good is the service from Kenwood (in
     Canada or the US), Yaesu , and Icom (in Canad or the US) ?

    -For the Canadian readers, what are your experiences with the
     ham shops in Ontario and Quebec? I am especially interested
     in your experiences with Elkel, Norham, Atlantic Ham Radio,
     Radio Progressif, and Macfarlane.

    -What is the recommended power supply for each (20A, 13.5 v?)? I
     believe an Astron RS-20 supply would work with all.

Any further information would be appreciated.

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TS-140S vs TS-50S vs FT840 vs IC725

Post by darr.. » Tue, 06 Dec 1994 01:24:43

Consider the TS-450S instead of the TS-140S.  The difference in price is
miniscule compared to the difference in features.  It does require 20.5A at
13.8V; the Astron VS-20 would NOT be sufficient.