Need Advice: Having problems powering DJ-580T HT in car

Need Advice: Having problems powering DJ-580T HT in car

Post by david.. » Sat, 07 Jan 1995 15:30:01

I'm having problems powering my Alinco DJ-580T from my car.  For a year and
a half I had an Alinco power cord (the one with two fuse holders) coming
off the fuse box, which I plugged into the side of the HT.  I didn't pay
any particular attention as to whether the HT was turned on when I plugged
in the power cord, or whether the car was running when I plugged it in.
Seemed to work fine all the time.

Then a few months ago, it started blowing fuses right and left.  I had to
make sure the car was not running, the unit wasn't turned on, etc.  After
wasting three or four dollars in fuses, I just quit using it and went to an
Alinco cigarette lighter adapter (with filter), which I had for my family
car.  This worked fine for several weeks.  This morning it blew a fuse and
have blown four in quick succession. It seemed to blow mainly when the
Alinco adapter is in the cigarette lighter socket, and I then plug the
adapter into the side of the HT.  When I first plug it into the HT, and
then into the cigarette lighter, I don't believe it blew a fuse that way.

Alinco said they don't think it's the HT, they say there is too much surge
from the car, or perhaps there's a short in the antenna.

Note:  I have yet to experience this at home.  I have an Astron 20 amp
power supply and an Alinco power cord.  I can plug it into the radio with
the power supply on or off, and no problem.  No blown fuses in two years.

Can anybody tell me:

1. Have you ever experienced something like this in your car?

2. Would something in the HT side power jack be creating this?

3. What is the best way to power the DJ-580T off my car's power supply
without blowing fuses?

4. How do I go about checking which component is at fault here?  I have a
volt ohmmeter, but that's about it.

Thanks for any advice you can provide.

| David B. Barnes  KD6DMS |