1000+ Members - Radio Shack DX-394 User Group

1000+ Members - Radio Shack DX-394 User Group

Post by Tom Holde » Tue, 28 Mar 2006 22:42:06

(Let's try again with the URL hopefully corrected - I don't understand how
they got corrupted in distribution - looks alright leaving here and on
screen but the actual properties show an extra character)

This group has the most complete collection of modifications, usage tips,
links to related websites, documentation, and photos along with a user
survey and a message forum (4000+ messages archived) to help you get the
most fun and DX out of your Realistic / Radio Shack DX-394, DX394, DX 394.

Over 90 mods and tips now listed plus a dozen on the To Do or Wish List.
More mods than for any other general coverage receiver! Thoroughly
documented with a Master Index. If you like to tinker with radios, I know of
no other recent model that lends itself to as much fun in this arena as the
DX-394. Great platform for learning radio-electronics. Always 1 or more FA
on eBay.

Active & friendly user community now with over 1000 members. Some members
are keen short wave listeners; others are into AM DXing and a few enjoy long
wave. Many experiment with antennas and some are ardent modifiers -
customising and souping up the rig as hot rodders would do with cars. You'll
find lots to interest you and help get the most out of your radio.

All here at:

Subscribe on line (for full access privileges to the extensive collection of
Files, Photos and Links) or by email:


73, Tom