New Version of Flexi-Tuner for the RX-320

New Version of Flexi-Tuner for the RX-320

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May 14, 1999

Hello All,

The beta  versions of  Flexi-Tuner for  the RX-320 are finally done and
over with!  Many thanks to the testers  for their feedback and suggest-
ions.  All comments were very helpful.

Version 2.0 of Flexi-Tuner for the Ten-Tec RX-320 is now available  for

Priced at $20.00, version 2.0 is an inexpensive way to  take  advantage
of the features on the RX-320 that Ten-Tec did not  implement  and,  at
the same time, to have a control program for both DOS and Windows.

The major features of Version 2.0 of Flexi-Tuner for the Ten-Tec RX-320
are as follows:

      1.  Operates the RX-320 from virtually any desktop or laptop
          computer, including older 386 machines.  An excellent use
          for that old 386 machine in the closet or one of the many
          $100 older laptops available at pawn shops and used com-
          puter stores.
      2.  Works in either DOS or Windows (this is a DOS program with
          a DOS interface).
      3.  Implements 34 selectivity filters from 8Khz to 300Hz.
      4.  All modes:  AM, USB, LSB, CW.
      5.  AGC implemented:  Fast, Medium, Slow.
      6.  Tuning steps down go 1 Hz or up to 1 Mhz, including 9Khz
          and 3Khz.
      7.  Adjustable squelch.
      8.  Bandpass tuning for CW and SSB (offset from center freq.)
      9.  Scanning using scan files.  Adjustable parameters.
New!      You can now have up to 200 scan files with as many 100
          entries in each.
     10.  Built-in scan file editor.
New!      You can now tune to any entry while in the scan file
     11.  Built-in logging function with log editor. Easily track,
          edit, sort, monitor, and export log entries.  Items log-
          ged include station name (or notation), frequency, mode,
          filter, date, time, and S-meter reading.  Time and date
          can be adjusted if you want to log in UTC or other time
New!      Sort by time added to the log editor.
     12.  More sensitive S-meter.
     13.  Pause S-meter function on front panel.  This eliminates
          the "chuffing" heard on some RX-320 systems.
New! 14.  Instantly mute audio with a single key.
     15.  Almost all parameters adjustable (great for knob twiddlers
          like me).
     16.  Tighter code for faster operation.
     17.  No mouse required (or supported).
New! 18.  Supports color, B&W, and inverted B&W monitors (CGA or
          better, including B&W VGA monitors).

The program is supplied along with several scan files in a  single  zip
file. It can be sent to you either by e-mail or regular mail on  floppy
disk. Installation and removal are simple,  as  the  program  does  not
affect any system settings.  Operation is also straightforward --  just
press various keys as shown on the screen.

Installation, removal, and operating instructions are included.

I would be pleased to send you  Version  2.0  of  Flexi-Tuner  for  the

Regards and 73,


P.S. A demo version is available at no charge.  It has all the features
of Version 2.0 except that the number of scan files is limited 25, each
scan  file can hold  25 records, and the log file is limited to 250 en-
tries.  An RX-320 is needed in order for the demo to function.

                       RX-320 Flexi-Tuner V. 2.0
                             How To Order

The full program, Flexi-Tuner Version 2.0, is available  for  purchase.
Shipment can be made by e-mail or on diskette by regular mail.

Price:  $20.00 US for shipment by e-mail.
        $25.00 US on diskette shipped by regular mail.

Send payment (check or money order) in favor of David C. Andresen.

Address:  8103 104th St., S.W.
          Tacoma, WA 98498

Tel.      (253) 588-4149
Fax:      (253) 588-4366

All shipments made within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

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