Need picture of your (big) shack

Need picture of your (big) shack

Post by Thierry Lombr » Sun, 27 Oct 2002 18:35:47


I would to publish a web page on my site showing radio shacks, to show
to the novice and all curious what is the working environment of hams, what
your are able to build or ...accumulate in your shack, Hi !

I am specially searching pictures with the OM/YL in front of his radio, but
not pictures of light, "simple" shack like mine.
So NOT picture like these (even if expensive and if you proud of it, Hi) : , , or

But rather shacks like these ones :
or if you know them, similar to the shacks of A71MA, 9K2OK, K4JAD, W4NFR,
VE3SY... (see

Only for the fun I would like to highlight the biggest and most complete
shack ever assemblied, the most "modern", accumulating on the wall of your
room rigs and other devices, placing your RTX and accessories in racks,
picture of shacks using at least 2 superposed racks and more (sorry for the
small configs...), covering the wall with awards and cups, etc.

If you have to take a new picture, try to sort or arrange a bit your shack,
that's look better...

Any picture from ANY station (worldwide) in JPG or GIF format is welcome.

They will be presented in size of about 100 pixels high and at their maximum
size (say about half a screen) once clicking on the picture.
Your callsign and a link to your website (if relevant) will be add below
each picture as I do usually on my website). So do not forget to give me
your URL.

Do not worry about the colors or format of your pic (of course do for the
best in providing me a "good picture" as draft) as I work also with some
image processing software and I can correct most artefacts quite easily.

Thanks in advance for your help.