FS:Private Patch Five repeater controller/phone patch

FS:Private Patch Five repeater controller/phone patch

Post by n2kp » Sat, 05 Dec 1998 04:00:00

The New PPV is a fully automatic  multi-mode radiotelephone interconnect

(phone patch) terminal. A built in keyboard and digital display allows
the user to obtain the maximum power from the on board microprocessor.
All features are user programmable and/or selectable.  Additionally
there are six modes of operation to choose from...

1 Simplex sampling interconnect
2. Simplex VOX interconnect
3. Duplex base station interconnect
4. Duplex Repeater interconnect
5. Repeater controller with duplex interconnect
6. Dial Access remote base

Quote:>> features 90 number speed dialer, last number redial, remote hool

flash, user programmable cw-id, remote control relay, disconnect on busy

signals, regenerated tone or pulse dialing..

Price is $250.00 neg
Jay n2kpk