Yaesu FT2500M MARS/CAP Mod

Yaesu FT2500M MARS/CAP Mod

Post by kevin jessu » Sat, 03 Sep 1994 02:51:05

Some have asked for the MARS/CAP/Out-of-band-transmit modifications
for the new Yaesu FT2500M 2-meter mobile.

  - Remove the 5 screws (4 little ones on the side and 1 big one by the
    heat sink) on the top cover.

  - Remove the cover.

  - Find the very obvious wire loop jumper near the middle of the circuit

  - Remove it or cut it and tape it off.

  - Reassemble.

I received this via packet radio.  I did not yet perform the mod myself.

This is obviously much easier than the tiny solder jumpers you had to
deal with on the Yaesu FT2400H, the precursor to the FT2500M.  73.


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