legal id? technically, i suppose...

legal id? technically, i suppose...

Post by Hymi » Tue, 01 Feb 1994 12:57:17

baltimore's 106.5, wwmx (the station that started the 104.3 fiasco) did
this as their legal id. (at least, they did when i used to listen to it).

106.5 is the ''mix station''  - ''the greates hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s''
stuff. anyway, they call themselves ''wmix,'' the generally identify
themselves as ''wmix'' and their phone number is 481-wmix.  i suppose this
is legal, because they do it.

anyway, on or close to the hour, they do the news.  as their hourly id,
a hurried male voice says, not too loud, ''wwmx''. immediately following is
a completely different set of voices, slow and musical, saying ''baltimore
weather'' at which point they do the ''five day forecast'' (well-known for
only covering four days).

again, i assume that this is a legal way of getting around the requirement
of actually using their real name and id.

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