IBOC forces KSL-AM to drop decades-old tradition.

IBOC forces KSL-AM to drop decades-old tradition.

Post by James W Anderso » Sat, 18 Jun 2005 01:56:22

KSL 1160 Salt Lake City has dropped a decades-old tradition on account
of IBOC.  They just threw the switch a couple of weeks ago.

The ttradition was that KSL broadcast the 'Nauvoo Bell' on Temple
Square, at the top of every hour.  The bell was once in the original
Nauvoo LDS (Mormon) Temple but was removed before that building was
destroyed by an arsonist then a possible F5 tornado a year after that.
The Mormon Pioneers carried it across the plains with them.

They mounted it eventually in its present location, and it has rung
every hour ever since save for occasional times due to maintenance or
other circumstances.  It will still ring, but because of IBOC it will
not be heard live on the radio any more.  KSL has aired the ringing of
the bell for almost all of our lifetimes until last week.

The technical explanation given was that there is now a seven-second
delay between the analog and digital signals being broadcast.  People
actually have been known to, and still set their watches to the Nauvoo
Bell's ringing on the radio.

This was discovered when a radio fan saw some men on a snorklift
removing some electronic equipment from the tower.  An email to the
chief engineer of KSL confirmed it.