Buying record jackets and sleeves bulk

Buying record jackets and sleeves bulk

Post by Quinn C. Ho » Sat, 12 Feb 1994 10:31:25

I just started working at a radio station that has neglected their vinyl
records since they started using CD's.  After four years, the condition of
their collection is very bad.  About one out of ten need new jackets and
sleeves.  That means we need probably a minimum of 750 generic jackets and
sleeves.  Does anyone out there know where we could buy these in bulk.
Most of the people at the station don't consider the records as an
important source of music and therefore probably won't allocate much money
for supplies so the cheaper the better.

I'm not looking for "audiophile" type stuff here.  We don't need antistatic

jackets and rice paper sleeves.  The cheap, generic stuff will do just

I would appreciate it if you would e-mail me any responses as I don't
normally read this newsgroup.

Thanks for all your help,

Quinn C. Horn
Graduate Student
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Michigan Technological University