Legal Id's

Legal Id's

Post by WEOS-F » Fri, 11 Feb 1994 13:55:12

I have to disagree with previous posts on Legal Id's of late.
First, the ONLY thing LEGALLY allowed between the Call sign and the City of
License, is the frequency. KRTH, Infinity 106, in Los Angeles is not
legal or WKBW, a friendly place, Buffalo also is not.

2nd, the FCC rules make exceptions for long form programs, ie classical
music, live concerts, speeches, sports, etc. The legal ID must be given at
the top of the hour or as close as possible, at a Natural break in programming.
This is the FCC's way of making sure we all don't have to fade down on top
of the 2nd movement of a symphony or a State of the Union address to do an ID.
TV stations can lower 3rd and ID visually, but radio does not currently have
that ability (perhaps the FCC will let RDS take care of it?!?). A Natural
break means end of a song, spot, promo, program, inning, time out, etc.
PD's & MD's can be creative and still get the id's in near the top of the hour.
What is Top of the hour? I believe it is a real stretch to slip in an ID at
15 til or even 10 til. It goes back to the idea of the need to sweep the
quarter hours at all cost, even breaking FCC rules. FCC staffers, like those
at the IRS, can and do make mistakes, but not this time. If the FCC felt it was
a priority and had the staff, they would go after it.


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