"Supertrains" Author Claims Talk Show Record

"Supertrains" Author Claims Talk Show Record

Post by Nigel Alle » Sat, 09 Jan 1993 15:37:12

Here is a press release from Joseph Vranich.

 "Supertrains" Author Claims Talk Show Record
 To: National Desk, Transportation and Media Writers
 Contact: Joseph Vranich, 703-354-6309

   ALEXANDRIA, Va., Dec. 31   -- Talk shows reached a new
level of acceptance last year as political candidates and
industry leaders sought exposure on America's airways in
unprecedented numbers.
   Another sign of the popularity of such shows is that an author is
claiming to have set a talk show record.
   Joseph Vranich, author of "Supertrains: Solutions to America's
Transportation Gridlock" (St. Martin's Press), made 130 radio and
television appearances during the year with 103 qualifying as talk
shows, most with call-ins from the public.
   "I'm establishing a new entry for the record books," said Vranich.
"I'm open to the possibility that another author could have done
better, but if so no one seems to know about it."
   President-elect Bill Clinton helped bring attention to
"Supertrains," calling it a "great book," while others including
Lufthansa Airlines Chairman Jurgen Weber also praised it.
   Said Vranich: "I've searched the record books and could not find a
category for talk show appearances.  Carol Nashe, executive director
of the National Association of Radio Talk Show Hosts, based in
Boston, has acknowledged that "we do not know of any record
established for appearing on talk shows."
   Vranich appeared on stations from coast to coast.  Some were
in-studio shows he did while traveling to give speeches but most were
by telephone.  Vranich kept records of his appearances, which can be
confirmed by logs maintained by broadcasters.
   The Clinton administration is expected to start a program to build
high-speed train systems and that has sparked additional interest in

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