** NOTE: Modification to RadioWatchers program **

** NOTE: Modification to RadioWatchers program **

Post by AIRWAVES EDIT » Tue, 18 Jan 1994 09:15:48

This is a modified copy of the RadioWatchers proposal which was
published recently.  The only major change was in the area of the ID
cards and access to AIRWAVES by password protected software for card

I am changing this clause, because I have received mail indicating
that what it does is tant amount to selling access to those who have
paid a fee for the RadioWatchers card (which nobody has yet to do).

To clarify, the offer was to allow RadioWatcher card holders to post
to AIRWAVES radio journal without my intervention, after they had
shown themselves to be competent.  The card was offered for $10.00 a
year, which I felt coverd my costs in creating the laminated photo ID,
mailing and maintaining records.  Note that this offer applied to
AIRWAVES RADIO JOURNAL only and not to rec.radio.broadcasting, where
the majority of AIRWAVES articles are ported to and from.  I can
easily understand, however, how that distinction may not have been
made clear.

So as of now, and from no to the foreseeable future, the ID card offer
has been suspended, pending discussions and decisions on how to
amicably proceed.  I am still anxious for your participation in this
program.   Since nobody has taken me up on the ID card offer anyway,
it should not change the scope and focus of the program in any way.


William Pfeiffer                        Moderator: rec.radio.broadcasting
                                        Editor: AIRWAVES RADIO JOURNAL



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    If you are really interested in broadcast radio in your own area,  you
    might wish to get involved in the AIRWAVES "RadioWatcher" project.

    We are currently asking for individuals who are either active in the
    industry, or are very much involved in the happenings around their
    town/city/community and would like to become recognized as a
    "RadioWatcher" for AIRWAVES.

    As a RadioWatcher, you will be responsible for reporting the goings-on
    in your locale, and will be, in effect, a  staff reporter for
    AIRWAVES.   While anyone can write an article for the Journal,
    RadioWatchers will be considered the de-facto correspondent in a given

    As a RadioWatcher, you will be asked to keep an eye and ear out for
    news and schmooze about the broadcasting scene in your market.  You
    are asked to submit at least one report per month (more if you choose)
    and  will be kept on file here at AIRWAVES as an official member of
    the press.

    The purpose of this program is to create a base of volunteer staff
    reporters who's job it will be to keep a steady flow of good
    information about various markets coming in to AIRWAVES.  It does not
    mean that the pages of AIRWAVES are closed to any of the other posters
    in net-land.  It is just a way to assure that the readers will have
    something good to read, when the more casual posters are not available.

    Q: What do I need to do?

    A: RadioWatchers are basically the same thing as reporters.  To remain
    on the RadioWatcher program, you are expected to be involved with
    radio in your market, either by profession, or by a strong personal
    interest.   You will be asked to report on any interesting goings-on
    in and around your market.  Such as format changes, station sales,
    interesting trends, market ratings, and whatever else seems
    appropriate.  The depths to which you dig for information is up to

    It is important, though, that you are a true fan of radio, and not
    merely a fan of one sort of format.  Your reports can have personal
    commentary, but should be based on actual facts (as you know them)
    rather than how those facts match up with your personal opinions.

    In general, we need good, solid reporters who will do the job based
    upon their love of radio, and desire for more exposure.  AIRWAVES is
    not a profit making entity, and so salaries cannot be offered.  If you
    are a budding journalism student, or a seasoned pro, this may be a
    chance for you to show your stuff to the world.  Airwaves is read
    across the globe via the Internet, and is available to
    subscribers of CompuServe, GEnie, AOL and on a host of BBS
    systems, via email.  Your input will not go unnoticed.

    So if you are  interested, drop me a line and tell me about
    yourself.  I will be in touch by return mail.  Those of you who
    expressed an interest in the past, are encouraged to get back in
    touch.  Those of you who are already RadioWatchers, thank you and keep
    up the great work.  As AIRWAVES expands, your contribution will be