Cuba denounces anti-Castro radio

Cuba denounces anti-Castro radio

Post by Bruce Girar » Sat, 10 Sep 1994 15:33:22

CUBA: Government Denounces Increase in Anti-Castro Broadcast

DATE: 08-31-94 (20:46)

HAVANA, Aug 31 (IPS) - The Cuban government denounced on
Wednesday an increase in anti-Castro radio and television
broadcasts from the United States "as part of an escalation in
its aggressive policies."

Stations such as Radio and Television Marti, financed by
Washington, broadcast more than 1,000 hours of anti-Castro
programming a week from the United States, using 17 frequencies.

Television Marti, which cannot be seen in Cuba because it is
easily jammed by the government, "has increased its broadcasting
schedule," while Radio Marti "has attempted to expand by using
26 short-wave and two medium-wave frequencies," the comunique

Private Florida stations which are received in Cuba "have
adapted their programming," increasing their criticism of the
Caribbean island nation's government, the statement added.

Government authorities reiterated that they will "make every
effort to defend Cuba's sovereignty over the national
broadcasting spectrum and adequately respond to these new
expressions of U.S. aggressive policies."