safe music formats not necessarily safest advertising opportunities?

safe music formats not necessarily safest advertising opportunities?

Post by Liron Lightwo » Sun, 01 Nov 1992 05:04:17

Recently there was a discussion in this newsgroup about the move by KISS FM
and other stations away from playing newer ('unsafe') music, towards playing
more safer, older and more familiar music (eg. 'WOW' type songs such
as 'Stairway to Heaven' and 'Lola').  I'd prefer stations which play a deeper
variety of music, ie. not just the same safe old and new songs over and over

Someone pointed out in this newsgroup that radio stations are meant to
sell their audience to their clients, namely the advertisers.  With
this in mind, I would like to put forward the following:

Suppose I am an advertiser and I have a choice of two stations for my
advertising.  Let's assume both stations' audience are about the same

Station number one gives its audience safe old songs by safe old
artists and only safe new songs that are similar enough.
"That's what our listeners want to hear," they say.
This station might be a 'best of the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's' type station,
(not an *** contemporary station) or a 'best classic rock and the best
new music' type station.

Station number two gives its audience not just the safest music, but more,
including lots of other good, worthwhile and popular music (definitely
mainstream) which their listeners do like to listen to, but which the other
station would consider not safe enough for its audience.  Typically this
station would specialise in some category of music, eg. urban, top 40/dance,
album rock, classic rock, etc, but they still play more than just the safest

If I want an audience for my fresh, creative and innovative advertising,
which audience do you think I would prefer?  If I was that advertiser, I'd
choose the audience most likely to listen to and be open to my message,
and less likely to reject it.

I'd choose the latter audience, because they are prepared to listen to more
than just the safest music, therefore, my advertising is more likely to be
more successful with them, than with the first audience.

Any comments?  Do you agree or disagree?

P.S.  I don't consider an oldies station to be a safe music station.  Even
though all their songs are old, many of them wouldn't be played on a safe
music station.  Oldies stations play more than just the safest oldies.

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