New Director for Radio Marti Appointed

New Director for Radio Marti Appointed

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Here is a press release from the White House.
I downloaded the press release from the PR On-Line BBS
in Maryland at 410-363-0834. I do not work for the
U.S. government.

 President Names Lobo to Cuba Broadcasting Office
 To: National Desk
 Contact: White House Press Office, 202-456-2100

   WASHINGTON, Feb. 9  -- President Clinton today
announced the appointment of Richard M. Lobo to be Director
of the U.S. Information Agency's Office of Cuba Broadcasting,
which manages Radio and TV Marti.  The two services provide
a mix of Spanish-language news, feature, cultural, and entertainment
programming to the people of Cuba.

      "Richard Lobo's 35 years of experience in journalism, broadcast
management, and community affairs make him very well suited for this
job," said the President.  "Our Administration honors the memory of
Jose Marti, whose birthday we marked last week, and will continue our
efforts in support of freedom and democracy for the Cuban people.
Radio and TV Marti are an integral part of those efforts."

      Lobo, a recently retired media executive, was president and
general manager of WTVJ, the NBC-owned television station in Miami.
He had spent the previous five years as vice president and general
manager of NBC stations in Cleveland and Chicago.  During a
twenty-three year career with the network, he had also served as
station manager of its flagship station in New York, as well as in a
wide variety of other positions.

      The bilingual grandson of Cuban immigrants, Lobo is a native of
Ybor City in Tampa, Florida.  He received his bachelor's degree in
Radio/TV/Film and Journalism from the University of Miami.