Three notes from "World of Radio"

Three notes from "World of Radio"

Post by ALBERT BURNET » Fri, 26 Feb 1993 12:59:56

        Here are three items from Glenn Hauser's "World of
Radio" #681, which appeared on the weekend of February 13-14,

    1.  George Thurman(sp?) reported in "The Chicago Sun-Times"
        that Bob Lassiter is now the morning host on WSUN,
        620kHz, in Tampa.

    2.  Buffalo K. Fooneman(sp?) and Jerry Starr(sp?) reported
        in "DX News" of the National Radio Club that WMCA,
        570kHz, in New York has been authorized to use 50kW day/
        30kW night, even though it's on a "regional" channel.

    3.  Bruce Elving of FM Media says he has 100 SuperRadio II's
        for sale.  For information, contact him at

                241 Anderson Road
                Esko, MN 55733

        For those who've lost track, the best times and frequen-
cies for hearing "World of Radio" in North America are the fol-

        Friday 2215(UT) on 15685kHz (WWCR)
      Saturday 2130(UT) on 15420kHz (WRNO)                              
        Sunday 0300(UT) on  7355kHz (WRNO)
        Sunday 0405(UT) on  7435kHz (WWCR)
        Sunday 2130(UT) on 15420kHz (WRNO)

        Hauser concentrates mainly on shortwave, but pays con-
siderable attention to AM and FM broadcasting.