Digital Radio Propagation Measurements (Canada)

Digital Radio Propagation Measurements (Canada)

Post by Ted Ledingh » Thu, 10 Feb 1994 09:29:24

Canada Continues Digital Radio Propagation Measurements
Important tests to more precisely understand the propagation
characteristics of L-Band digital radio transmission have been
recently concluded at a temporary installation at Trois-Rivieres,

These measurements follow up on the successful Single Frequency
Network (SFN) measurements performed during the winter of 1992-
93 in Toronto-Barrie, Ontario, which demonstrated the feasibility
of large area SFN at L-Band with transmitters spaced up to 85 km

Results of these measurements, using various antenna patterns
and gains, and different transmitting antenna heights, are
currently being analysed.  They will advance the understanding

-    the effect of varying the transmission height above average
     terrain (HAAT) and the effective radiated power (ERP) on
     the coverage in various terrain topology;

-    the feasibility of wide area and rural area coverage over
     the above horizon propagation measurements as well as long
     term fading measurements;

-    propogation characteristics required to develop a
     computerized propagation model and planning criteria for
     Digital Radio as well as interference criteria and
     frequency coordination procedures for Fixed and Mobile

Digital radio transmitters are now being established in Montreal
and Toronto for experimentation and demonstration which should
start in March 1994.

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This information comes from The Task Force on the Introduction of
Digital Radio, an industry-government body which is coordinating
the various steps required for the transition to digital radio
service in Canada.  

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4 February 1994