High Priced Trade pub's (was Radio commercial scheduling..)

High Priced Trade pub's (was Radio commercial scheduling..)

Post by Mayer Goldbe » Wed, 22 Jul 1992 15:33:30

>Radio & Records is a newspaper type publication (unfortunately not
>a freebee!) for the radio industry.  (I have a friend there, he sends
>me an occasional sample).  Subs for $275 per year.  It's a weekly.
>They are in LA.  (Aside from the above mentioned friend, I have no
>connection with R&R, especially when $ is involved!)

>[Moderator's amazment;  $275 a year?  Ghod, what do they print it
>on, coca leaves? :-)]

R&R has always been expensive.  So is Billboard, The Gavin Report,
and various others you'll find.  Very few of the b'cast publications
are worth what they charge, and the only freebie I've seen is Radio
World (discussed here at some length a week or so ago).

All the other trades I've seen go for $200+ annually.  Go figger...

[Moderator's Note:  I guess it helps keep the pub's in the industry,
and discourages individuals.  Most stations will pay the ridiculous
fees as a cost of doing business, maybe :-\]