Rebuttles/replies to recent articles regarding P.R.N

Rebuttles/replies to recent articles regarding P.R.N

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[Moderator's Note:  Again, I post this out of fairness to the person
responding to statements made against him in a previous post.  Please
follow-up all non-radio related points made to *the poster* and not to
this group.  I hope we can return, now, to the business of *radio
broadcasting* which is the charter of this group.  Thanks.  Bill]

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Subj:    From Daevid to Wyatt and Chuck
Date:    94-09-05 23:21:46 EDT

Quote:>From:    UltimaJock

Wyatt Cox and Chuck Harder of "People's Radio Network"

(Mr. Cox)

Quote:>Regarding the questions raised about Mr. Harder:

 >The question of "homophobia" or "xenophobia" is not the true

Quote:>question here.  

Then can you please explain why Mr. Harder used the public airwaves to
suggest the further harrassment of Camp Sister Spirit, the
pre***ly-*** feminist camp in Mississippi that had been the target
of *** attacks last year, by checking into potential public works code
violations? Why did Mr. Harder promote your sales of anti-Clinton videotapes
by pointing out that the "liberal news media" that " rights" was
"livid" about it, as if that was a prime selling point? Why are most
references to Barney Frank on Mr. Harder's program delivered with a
stereotypical lisp and voice inflection? Why, when Surgeon General Elders
called recently for the lifting of anti-non-hetero*** bans in the Boy
Scouts and Girl Scouts, did Mr. Harder refer repeatedly to gay men and
***s as "these *** predators", even though the overwhelming evidence
indicates that, both in numbers and proportion to *** orientation, it is
HETERO***S that are more frequently ***s?

(Mr. Cox)

Quote:>The question as raised by Mr. Harder is a valid
>one.  Why does the government want to remove weapons on the
>pretext that someone "might" use them, and yet allow individuals
>with a contageous, deadly, incurable disease to roam the streets
>with no supervision?
(Mr. Harder)
>Back for just a moment to the AIDS thing.  My niece is out of
>school right now awaiting the results of a TB test.  If the TB
>test comes back positive, she will be unable to return to school.
>Why is it that a contagious disease like TB is treated differently
>that a very deadly contagious disease like HIV and AIDS?

HIV is transmitted through contact with [various internal body fluids]
and internal organs that have been contaminated. HIV CANNOT be
transmitted from sharing drinking containers, being bitten by mosquitoes,
sitting on public (or private) toilet seats, kissing, swimming in pools,
socialising with friends, eating food prepared by HIV-infected food workers,
LATTER MEANS HAVE EVER EXISTED. Look up what any dictionary defines the word
"contageous" as and figure out for yourselves how the above information
disqualifies HIV from being a "contageous" disease. Not that I expect you'll
change your on-air policy to accommodate it, but it's a thought.

(Mr. Cox)

Quote:>The reason that Mr. Harder perhaps attacked
>the *** community is that the radical *** groups
>have been in the forefront of demanding that there be no
>restrictions at all on individuals who are HIV+.

PLEASE cite who and how this is being done, IN DETAIL. If you can.

(Mr. Cox)

Quote:>I can tell you that the For The People telephone bookstore has
>routinely exchanged or made good on those shortwave radios that Mr
>Aachen screamed about up to 18 months after they were purchased.

I hardly "screamed" about the radios; I simply reported what PASSPORT TO
WORLD BAND RADIO stated in their consumer review of the things several years
ago. Complain about these comments to Larry Magne at PASSPORT, not me.

(Mr. Cox)

Quote:>I belive Mr Aachen has a bad taste in his mouth for Mr. Harder
>because of the problems with another station.

My distaste for Harder comes from hearing the often ludicrous statements he
makes on the air.  The situation at WXOL was entirely due to the actions of
station owner/GM Steve Rose and business manager Mike Utech. I was simply an
air personality who acted, upon Rose's request, as a liason with PRN to
arrange approval for airing of your network's material. In fact, it was as a
direct result of my firing at WXOL that said station began running the
unauthorised PRN material indicated in the Radio World article you refer to;
it was my program that covered the hole in the schedule created by the
inability to run Harder live. To deflect my specific criticisms of Harder by
trying to tie me, FALSELY, into the violation of WXOL's contract with PRN is
profoundly dishonest.

(Mr. Cox)

Quote:>the People's Radio Network today consists of 280 radio
>stations.  Of those stations, 250 carry Mr. Harder's program.  The
>programming works.  But it only works with localization.  

No disagreement there, at least on face value. But REAL "localization" is the
issue. Simply plugging in 2-to-7-minute news, sports and weather reports
isn't going to do the trick, it's just the cheap way to go. I cannot think of
any market wherein a talk station with a primarily locally-originated
schedule is consistently beaten by one with a primarily sattelite-fed
schedule. The majority of truly successful syndicated talk programs (at this
point, that means Leykis, Limbaugh, Liddy, Gene Burns and Jim Hightower) are
usually carried on stations that make commitments to substantial local
origination in their overall schedule. Covering a couple of commercial avails
on PRN's 24-hour schedule doesn't cut it.

(Mr. Cox)

Quote:>Boy, David, for someone who hates our guts, you sure do purport to
>knowing everything about us.

For YOUR information, I DO NOT hate PRN, nor have I ever made such a
statement. However, as someone who lobbied extensively to have WXOL carry PRN
in the first place (primarily on the basis of Jack Ellery's program), I am
profoundly disappointed with the ignorant and arrogant attitudes displayed by
Harder and Jerry Hughes themselves. I find it odd that specific criticism of
Harder turns into a full-fledged attack on the whole network in your eyes,
unless Harder considers himself to be the whole network.

(Mr. Cox)

Quote:>BTW, this tagline's specifically for you....
>... Hillary happens...

Your tagline, like much of the rest of your postings, doesn't apply here. I
voted for Jack Herer, not Clinton.

(Mr. Harder, to Jay Marvin)

Quote:>your uttering untrue statements and
>calling them factual could expose you and your employer.

Jay Marvin is one individual who needs no defense from third parties of his
own opinion. But could you please explain how any comments he makes in
AIRWAVES and r.r.b. in criticism of you "could expos