BBC World Service

BBC World Service

Post by SGRIFF.. » Tue, 16 Nov 1993 14:32:45

Just to give you the (sorta) definitive word on the BBC World Service;

American Public Radio is the exclusive distributor of the BBC World Service
in the United States.  Minnesota Public Radio provides technical support
for APR's distribution.

Here's how it works.  The World Service signal originates from Bush House
in London.  It gets bounced across the Atlantic to NPR Washington.  NPR
Washington (The MOTC, or Main Operations Techincal Center - i.e., uplink
types) then shoots it up to Galaxy IV to make it available to APR
affiliates across the nation.  NPR acts as a subcontractor in this case.  
Here at MPR we have various ways to redistribute the World Service signal
if necessary - ranging from short wave (!?!) to SW56 digital feed, if it
would become necessary to bypass Washington and uplink it ourselves.

If you have SCPC downlink capability, you too can tune into the Beeb -
Galaxy IV at 99 degrees, transponder 2D, 62.7 mhz, wideband, 3:1 companding,
7.5 millesecond preemphasis.

If you're an APR affilate, and ever run into troubles with BBC, give us a
call...maybe I'll get a chance to help you!

Steve Griffith
Studio Engineer
Minnesota Public Radio
St. Paul, MN