Estonian Radio closes external service

Estonian Radio closes external service

Post by Jorma M{nty » Wed, 18 Aug 1993 11:45:57

The director of the Estonian Radio Mr. Herkki Haldre announced this week
that all programmes in foreign languages will be discontinued since October
1st, 1993.

This means an end to the external service of the newly independent state.
Estonian Radio has been been broadcasting in Finnish, Swedish and English
on shortwaves and mediumwaves for decades.

Mr. Haldre told about the decision by phone to the representatives of the
University of Tampere, Finland.  The University of Tampere has had cooperation
with the Estonian Radio for about three years.  Students from the department
of journalism and mass communication have been working at the Finnish language
department of Radio Tallinn.  They have read news, made radio programmes and
teached Western radio journalism to their Estonian colleagues.  Now this
exchange comes to its end.

Mr. Haldre did not tell if the present broadcasts on short- and mediumwaves
are replaced by relays from the Estonian Radio domestic services.

Jorma Mantyla
U of Tampere