Radio Watch-Buffalo/Toronto

Radio Watch-Buffalo/Toronto

Post by Carl K. Gorn » Fri, 11 Feb 1994 05:00:02

    Some items of note:

     1.Some staff changes at WRQI-FM(S.Bristol/Rochester;95.1/95.5;
Rock-It 95):Operations mgr.Orest Hrywnak adds program director
duties as well,replacing PD/MD Bob Payne-who exits. The weekday
lineup looks like this:

     6am-? Howard Stern
     ?-3pm Gene Fillaci(who joins from crosstown WPXY(CHR;98PXY)
     3-7pm Mara Davis(was doing nights;also new MD)
     7-?pm Greg Allen(who was doing middays)

     BTW,I added a ? for Stern's endtime because-as a fan will
tell you-the show is like the Energizer bunny:it keeps going &
going & going...until he shuts up. :-)(at least about the show)

      2.Speaking of Stern,today's(2/8)Alan Pergament column in
the Buffalo News has a small blurb about him. Apparently,his
ratings dropped in the fall book. Yeah,Alan,nice that you
FINALLY mentioned the ratings-nearly 3 WEEKS after I posted them
to this group! (Granted,they're only 12+,but I was still first.)
Jeez,it's like we can't enough columns about TV,but try finding
one on radio...(Flame off..That felt good!)

      3.My K.C.counterpart,Mark Roberts(BTW,thanx for the help
on Bonneville)mentioned John Bobbitt's appearance on KYYS-FM.
I believe he also popped up on WGRF-FM(classic rock;97 Rock) a
few weeks prior. While I'm on 97,they recently announced a new
contest for their morning show:get a divorce for Valentine's
Day(yes,you read right;no,I'm not making this up). Sure,that's
JUST what I want to get my intended for the 14th.:-) Anyone
heard some stupid contest for this year or for all time,post it
here and e-mail it to me as well.(One last thought:this is the
station that once offered $1,000 for a woman to sleep w/morning
sportsman/sidekick Marc Stout and offered *** enlargement
as a Father's Day gift.)

Until next whenever..peace out.
C.K.G.-Western N.Y./southern Ontario RadioWatcher
       Media reporter-Alternative Press(Buffalo,N.Y.)

"I finally get my 15 minutes of fame,and 5 of them are taken up
by commericals. Next time,remind me to be famous on PBS."
                                    -Bart Simpson,"The Simpsons"
(Doesn't it seem the same on radio,folks?)