Rebuttles/replies to recent articles about P.R.N.

Rebuttles/replies to recent articles about P.R.N.

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[Moderator's Note:  I am posting this in the interests of fairness and
balance, despite the fact that it has little to do with radio, per-se
but is a reply to several statements made on this group regarding
Chuck harder's radio program.  Please note that despite the opening
remarks, I never saw anything from PRN before this, there was no
censorship.  Bill]

--------- Begin Article ---------

I have on two occasions submitted the following rebuttal articles from
myself and Chuck Harder to attacks on him and his program.

I am resubmitting them again in the hope that the first two were simply
mislaid and not intentionally censored by the moderator.


Date: 08-24-94 (10:45)              Number: 3203 of 3313 (Refer# 3163)
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Subj: Chuck Harder
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Regarding the questions raised about Mr. Harder:

1) The question of "homophobia" or "xenophobia" is not the true
question here.  The question as raised by Mr. Harder is a valid
one.  Why does the government want to remove weapons on the
pretext that someone "might" use them, and yet allow individuals
with a contageous, deadly, incurable disease to roam the streets
with no supervision?  The reason that Mr. Harder perhaps attacked
the *** community is that the radical *** groups
have been in the forefront of demanding that there be no
restrictions at all on individuals who are HIV+.

2) I cannot speak to the issues of the operations of the Sun Radio
Network, having worked there only a short time two years ago.

3) I can tell you that the For The People telephone bookstore has
routinely exchanged or made good on those shortwave radios that Mr
Aachen screamed about up to 18 months after they were purchased.
The bookstore routinely refunds or exchanges products that are
defective promptly.

4) I belive Mr Aachen has a bad taste in his mouth for Mr. Harder
because of the problems with another station.  As I recall, he was
associated with the much troubled WXOL in Oshkosh.  The owner of
the station begged us for months to allow them to broadcast For
The People.  However, because the station's 2 mv/m signal
overlapped that of an existing affiliate in Ripon, the station
could not air FTP live.  Finally, the station was permitted to
broadcast the network programming from 7pm to 8am ONLY, which
included the overnight rebroadcast.  If you've read Radio Workd
recently, you know the rest of the story.  During the daytime WXOL
was running an oldies formet.  When the owner decided to give it
up, he turned on the satellite receiver and walked away, thus
causing problems with our Ripon affiliate.  The stir from that got
us more ink in the trades than anything in a long time.

Finally, the People's Radio Network today consists of 280 radio
stations.  Of those stations, 250 carry Mr. Harder's program.  The
programming works.  But it only works with localization.  Having
run three satellite driven Talk radio stations I can tell you that
without local input (News/Weather/Traffic) it, like any satellite
format, will not work.  In many markets where localization is
done, the AQH's are good, the Cumes are fair, and the TSL is huge!

... Hillary happens...
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Date: 08-24-94 (11:00)              Number: 3204 of 3313 (Refer# 3163)

Subj: Re: Chuck Harder's Xenoph
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 Ul> Jay Marvin, in AIRWAVES #762, identified bogus light bulb sales over
 Ul> the Sun Radio Network as the point of Harder's investigation by a Tampa
 Ul> TV station. Interestingly, a couple of weeks ago, Harder himself
 Ul> recounted on-air a story in which WFLA-TV Channel 8 (look familiar,
 Ul> Jay?) investigated his mail-order sale of some books that he was
 Ul> publishing in direct relation to received orders. Harder claims to have
 Ul> grabbed some of the just-off-the-presses books and taken them to the
 Ul> Channel 8 reporter a few days after the first report aired, the
 Ul> reporter supposedly refusing to run a follow-up piece clearing Harder
 Ul> of the allegations.

Harder's response:

I have not seen the Jay Marvin article.  If you could Email that

To fill in the details of the above story which is basically true,
WFLA-TV alleged that I was selling books that "did not exist".
The same night that report aired, I took copies to the reporter
and station executives and demanded a retraction.  The response
was "Go get a lawyer, ha ha."

The real reason the report aired on WFLA-TV was partially because
I was on a radio station competing with their co-owned WFLA radio,
and through an investigation I initiated with the State Attorney,
closed down one of WFLA's biggest advertisers, John Naughton Ford,
because of unscrupulous business practices.  No good deed goes

Back for just a moment to the AIDS thing.  My niece is out of
school right now awaiting the results of a TB test.  If the TB
test comes back positive, she will be unable to return to school.
Why is it that a contagious disease like TB is treated differently
that a very deadly contagious disease like HIV and AIDS?
... way down upon the Suwanee River...
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Date: 08-24-94 (15:00)              Number: 3205 of 3313 (Refer# NONE)
Subj: Paul Gonsalves Louisville
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 ...Hey Marty!  What was this you said...

 MR> I'm trying to find out whether a Louisville, KY area station carries
 MR> the Paul  Gonsalves (sp.?) talk show.  Anyone know?  Or know how to
 MR> reach the show  itself to ask?

At this time there are no stations in the immediate Louisville
area that carry Paul.  A list of PRN affiliate stations is
available by calling 904-397-4145.

Wyatt Cox
Affiliate Relations
People's Radio Network
... way down upon the Suwanee River...
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Date: 08-24-94 (15:03)              Number: 3206 of 3313 (Refer# 3180)

Subj: Re: Paul Gonzales Louisvi
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Rebuttles/replies to recent articles about P.R.N.

Post by Jmarv » Thu, 08 Sep 1994 13:16:52

>You have publicly referred to me as
>"a joke".  You are entitled to your opinion of me, just as I have
>an opinion of you for making such a non-sensical comment.  But
>with that state of mind, your uttering untrue statements and
>calling them factual could expose you and your employer.

I stand by what I said and what I said has nothing to do with Capital
Cities/ABC and WLS FM. You and your errand boy Wyatt want to take legal
action have at it.
I still think Chuck Harter is a joke. Most of the people I know in radio
feel the same way. And Wyatt? You've never worked in a market larger than
a used car lot, and that speaks for itself.

                                            Jay Marvin
                                            WLS FM