Legal Id's

Legal Id's

Post by King of the Airwav » Mon, 31 Jan 1994 03:45:53

>I have a question about AM/FM simulcasts and legal IDs.  The station I work
>for, 107.5  WZZQ/Terre Haute, simulcasts on AM 1230, WBFX/Terre Haute.
>I'm not at all comfortable with the way we ID these stations.

>o Everywhere else, jocks say "WZZQ WBFX Terre Haute" right out of the :50
>  stop set and read the weather.

>What's the right way to do it?  Or, what's wrong about how we're doing it?

>(We *do* have a WTHI AM/FM combo here, and when they simulcast, they run
>a "WTHI AM & FM, Terre Haute".  That "feels" right.)

During our Sunday morning programming we simulcast. I have always been told thatthe way to do it is to say "KFLY KEJO Corvallis". I've never heard it said any
other way, but then again...we're a small town. 8*)