Re : Changes at WBCN-Fm

Re : Changes at WBCN-Fm

Post by Mark Shneyder 2-42 » Fri, 11 Feb 1994 13:54:56

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> I must refute the recent posting regarding the tendency of 'BCN to drift
> towards a more Classic Rock format. I've heard from someone inside, that
> station PD Oedipus "snapped" recently...He cancelled ALL specialty programming.

He had good reasons to 'snap'. Eddie is reacting again. Makes for bizzare
listening. The dinosaur of Boston radio -- WBCN is finally waking up and
smelling the coffee.
The station is going Look at the numbers. They tell the story.

Quote:>He pulled all Billy Joel out of format, cut out most Bob Seger, limited the amount
> of Beatles stuff to be played.

About time. 'Crazy Little Called Love' by Queen was still heard last Friday
There is no justification for that kind seasoned soft pop-rock to be
heard on a 'modern' rock station 'BCN thinks it is...If a listener wants
to hear a mix of Joel, Queen, Elton John,Clapton, Beatles,  he/she should
tune to 'BOS or 'ZLX to get the their 'classic rock' fix...
'ZLX's main objective is to compete with Granum's 'BOS. 'ZLX(living upto
its copycat image :-) has even adopted the same 'no talking over songs'
line as 'BOS has had since its inception 2 years ago...

Quote:> I believe that this is an attempt to make a transition to a more
> "Modern Rock" format. Alternative Rocker WFNX-FM has that
> market cornered in Boston, and with the recent industry concentration on
> younger audiences, coupled with Boston's huge college population, and Infinity
> owning crosstown Classic Rocker WZLX-FM, This could be a move to skew younger.

Very good point about 'FNX but I still can't see how Laquidara, Parentau
or even Bradley Jay can be experts with the music(Blind Melon,Red Hot
Chili Peppers,etc)listened/bought by most college kids in Boston...
Personally, I think the reason 'BCNs former midday man Ken Shelton
was shipped over to 'ZLX was probably because of his lack of interest in
today's rock.(his knowledge of classic rock is pretty amazing, to say the

Also, if WBCN is so into 'modern' rock when will they start promoting 'modern'
rock bands playing at local clubs and arenas?...With an exception of "Rock
of Boston" show at the Boston Garden, WBCN hasn't bothered to promote/sponsor
a single national/local rock act this last fall...That tells you something
about how this station is being run...Larry 'ChaChi" LaPrette's(WBCN
promotions director) good idea of a station's promotion is to have
'rock babes' giving away calendars at local auto parts stores(oooh,fun).

Quote:> Also notable are some changes in station on-air sound: lame duck morning man
> Charles Laquidara going on at 5:30 AM, as opposed to the usual six AM.

No biggie. Obviously they want him to be the first FM DJ to be heard in the
morning(actually, Loren and Wally start at 5:30 on 105.7 but who listens
to country music at that hour :-). Chuck is just keeping the seat warm
for someone else, so to speak...

Quote:>No female voices are to be used in on-air phone bits....

As a side note : Since the departure of a weekend voice Carolyn Fox last year,
'BCN is now the only major FM station in the Boston market without on-air
female talent...

Quote:>And most notably the amount of forward promo-ing of Stern's show has now
> been reduced dramatically....

Correct. Also, during Stern's show all 'BCN intros/promos are now done
by Infinity's main voice-over man Paul Turner as opposed to Charles Laquidara
(he made some really lame quality promos for Howard) or 'BCN's in-house
production staff.

Quote:> although regularly pulling 15's, is not translating into a bigger overall for
> the station. This reportedly is agitating station management.

I'm not sure about the agitation part but the number of ads in the 7-11pm
has now reached a staggering level. The breaks are now around 5 minutes
long at the minimum. I'm sure they had to slash some rates to get so
many ads in the evening block...