selected ratings notes Spring 94 (re-send) (fwd)

selected ratings notes Spring 94 (re-send) (fwd)

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(Note re-send due to mail problems as noted by moderator)

Some notes on trends, new stations, certain formats, from Spring Arbitron
results in various newspapers, etc

70s oldies formats: L.A. KCBS-fm (arrow) 11th place, 3.2 to 3.0 Chicago
WYSY-107.9  in a 5 way tie for 14th, with a 2.6 up from 1.7
                0.9 before that! Sandy Eggo KCBQ-FM 19th 2.4 to 2.2 San
Francisco KABL-FM 20th with a 1.6 up from 1.4 Philly WMGK changed to the
format after the ratings came out. Hooray
        finally a 70s oldies station I can get.   WMGK had finished
        12th with 3.6 up from 3.4, behind WBEB-101.1 (hits with
        very little talk) in 7th, ahead of Star WYXR who was 13th 3.3
        PD Julian Breen offers a voicemail # 610 660 6900 for comments
        on what to play or what to leave out, even says he'll try
        to call you back if you give him a daytime phone number. St. Louis
KIHT 10th 3.7 up from 1.1 (was KRJY with all (decades) oldies) Seattle KJR-fm
in their first book as 70s had a 2.2 in 20th place Tampa WCOF those liars
(made claims to their audience of being
                1st all 70s station in the country) 9th, 5.3 from 5.8 Dallas
FW KRRW (arrow) 14th 3.2 from 2.1 and 1.4 Cincinnati WPPT-FM first book in the
format 4.6 for 8th place! Houston   KKRW-FM (arrow) 12th 3.9 from 2.8 and 1.9

Other notes: NYC Hot 97 highest ever 3rd place with their "where hip hop
        and new loud morning team of Yo! MTV Raps' Dr. Dre and Ed Lover
        with Lisa G (who went from just doing news to always being on mic)
Dallas the New AC station KOAI is fifth tied with 2 country stations Buffalo
WKSE with its added modern rock leaps 5.9-7.9 for 2nd place,
        had been 6th.  WMJQ with its 110,000 watts so strong you get
        it here in NJ sometimes had less than a 1.8 C***te Best ratings in
a while for 95.1 who for a few years was
        the awkwardly termed "95 Double Q" (WAQQ) now known as the Edge
        programmed by Mark Driscoll 8th place 4.9 but its former
        nearest competition WCKZ became Urban AC WBAV. Tampa   WRBQ is back in
the top five but is a country station these days. Mpls    new New Rock station
KEGE is already 7th with a 5.3, ahead of
        eclectic KTCJ/KTCZ in 10th place with a 4.1 *** Standards doing
extremely well on AM in Cleveland (WRMR-850 is 4th)
        and Philadelphia (WPEN-950 is third) - do these cities have
        extra large 65+ populations or do they do it so well that
        everyone listens? Cleveland WMMS for all its confusion about who to
sound like
        continued performing well with a 6.7 good for 5th place while
        Modern rock WENZ 107.9 the End finished 14th down 3.3 to 2.3 Hartford
WTIC-FM went *** Top 40 and rebounded to beat T40 WKSS
        6.2 - 5.8 in 4th and 5th place respectively
        Lotta AOR and AC in the market, with WHCN, WCCC, plus Springfields
        WAQY and New Havens WPLR all placing in the top 20, plus ACs
        WRCH, WZMX, WYSR.  NYC's WFAN even scored a 2.0 there Detroit  finally
92.3 has found a winner format in Urban AC as WMXD in
        6th place with a 4.8, similarly former WABX/WDFX makin' it
        as Young Country WYCD in 7th place 4.7, was as low as 1.2 a year
        ago Here in the "manufactured" market of Monmouth/Ocean (if it were
        after the largest towns it'd be called Middletown-Brick-Long
        Branch-Freehold-Lakewood which no one outside of NJ has probably
        ever heard of) the stations in the ratings  a mix of NYC stations,
        local stations, some Atlantic City stations, Trenton stations,
        and WMMR Philly. (Sometimes even Long Island's WHLI-1100 across
        the ocean will show). WZVU-107.1 has gone live at least half the
        day with oldies and beats NYC's WCBS-FM 3.3-2.8; Country isn't
        big in NYC proper (WYNY has a 2 share in NYC but a 4 Round Here)
        Pure rock WAXQ is tied with Z100 in 16th place at 2.6.
        There's no really big towns here but the combined population
        is 986,000 and the median income is high enough to make ad agencies
        drool.  Never mind that the south end of the market can't get
        WHTG, WZVU, the north end can't get WOBM or Atlantic City,
        it's like was said before in this newsgroup "we've gotta make
        this into an Arbitron market!" Nassau Suffolk the WNEW simulcast with
WWHB-107.1 doesn't seem to help,
        WNEW scored less than a 2.1 while WBAB, simulcast on 95.3
        at the east end, continues to slide to 9th place 4.1 to 3.5
        behind K-rock in the format; WBAB-102.3 was 2nd in the market
        last summer. Nassau Suffolk is another one of those odd markets,
        at the East end you don't get NYC FMs except for the simulcasts;
        at the west end 100 miles away you don't get Sag Harbor or Montauk
        or Riverhead stations (not that WLNG exactly kills even in the
        "Riverhead" market ratings that M Street lists  - a 0.2 in the '94
        directory! but at least they're having fun)


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selected ratings notes Spring 94 (re-send) (fwd)

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Quote:>        *** Standards doing
>extremely well on AM in Cleveland (WRMR-850 is 4th)
>        and Philadelphia (WPEN-950 is third) - do these cities have
>        extra large 65+ populations or do they do it so well that
>        everyone listens?

As one of two on-air personalities who have been with WPEN since it began
*** Standards almost 15 years ago, in my very humble and unbiased
opinion, we do it well.  Also the 50th anniversary of WWII has helped.  
Many of the songs which are considered standards were written during that
time.  Although we normally program more modern versions of those songs,
during the anniversary period we are able to couple the events of WWII
with original versions from that time.  This helps the 65+ to remember
those times and the under 65 to understand what their parents and
sometimes grand parents went through.

Couple this with non-rock hits of the 50's through today, personalities
who understand good music and a hands-off management, and you get good
radio which anyone can listen to and enjoy.

This is, naturally, my own opinion but one I suppose the management of
WPEN also shares.

Andy Hopkins
WPEN-AM, Philadelphia