"Radio Free Moosehead" and "Why Ask Why?" radio mentions

"Radio Free Moosehead" and "Why Ask Why?" radio mentions

Post by Robert Cas » Fri, 04 Jun 1993 11:41:46

Heard a radio commercial for Bud Dry, the "Why Ask Why?" series, this one
discussing radio stations.  "There are ten thousand stations, so why do
all the DJs sound the same?  And why all the gimmicks?  'win a car every
hour' win a Canadian province' 'be the first air gutarist in space'
And why do they all play the same song?  (sound of someone pressing
buttons on a car radio, and getting the same song)  
"While you search for that perfect format, your
search for the perfect beer is over".  'Less talk, more Polka'
Radio station style jingle "Amhiser(sp) Bush, St Louis"

Cute, but maybe there is the faint hope that it might make some PD somewheres
think of a new wrinkle in programming, like that suggestion of the 30000
song oldies station (you'd have to order the entire Rhino catalog for
that!).   Sure.

"Radio Free Moosehead" sounds like as if it is supposed to sound like a
pirate radio station, with the faint squealy sounds you sometimes hear with
older short wave radios.  "Interrupting all broadcasts, this is Radio Free
Moosehead. .....".  Well, the commercial IS interrupting a music (or
whatever)  broadcast.  "News and views of Moosehead beer".    

These can be sort of fun to hear, instead of the usual painful commercials.