Legal ID's

Legal ID's

Post by WEOS-F » Sun, 30 Jan 1994 22:36:36

Just a few comments since I posted all of the part 73 for legal id's:

First, this was in a section that covered all station rules. Channel # can
means TV channel, more than FCC channel # for FM. Rarely does anyone use the
FCC designator, ie Channel 290, etc.

The FCC rules clearly state that the only thing allowed between the Call letters
    and the city of license is the frequency. Stating "This is WXXX, a BOB SMITH
STATION, NEW CITY" is not a legal ID. You can add anything you want before or
after, but not inbetween. Many stations use the "Q104 is WQDE Smalltown-New York
   , where Smalltown is the legal scity and they add the Big City after, which i
also OK.

AS for IDing simulcast on two different stations, The ID rules apply. To ID
WXXX AM & FM New City is OK.  I do not believe that "WXXX 1230 and WTHR 90.9
New City is legal, if the call letters are different, as you are not following
what the rule states. More correct would be WXXX 1230 New City & WTHR 90.9
New City.  Also, I still do not beleive IDing at 10 before and running
just a sweeper at the top of the hour is legal. At least it violates the
intent of the law, if also not the spirit of the law. Until the FCC comes out
with a strong do or don't type enforcement action, stations will still stretch
it out.
Here is somehting we do: We tag our promos that run in NPR programming hours
with an ID tag, ie Today at 5PM on WEOS Geneva. This makes sure we get ID's
in each hour at the right time, in case an announcer forgets.


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Legal ID's

Post by c.d » Tue, 01 Feb 1994 12:57:17

> >I have a question about AM/FM simulcasts and legal IDs.  The station I work
> >for, 107.5  WZZQ/Terre Haute, simulcasts on AM 1230, WBFX/Terre Haute.
> >I'm not at all comfortable with the way we ID these stations.

> >o Everywhere else, jocks say "WZZQ WBFX Terre Haute" right out of the :50
> >  stop set and read the weather.

> >What's the right way to do it?  Or, what's wrong about how we're doing it?

> >(We *do* have a WTHI AM/FM combo here, and when they simulcast, they run
> >a "WTHI AM & FM, Terre Haute".  That "feels" right.)

> During our Sunday morning programming we simulcast. I have always been told thatthe way to do it is to say "KFLY KEJO Corvallis". I've never heard it said any
> other way, but then again...we're a small town. 8*)

> Nate

Mercifully, we don't have many AM/FM simulcasts in Dallas (what a waste of
a station).  New Tejano pair KDNT-1440 Denton and KICI-FM-107.9 Corsicana do
it this way: "KDNT Denton, KICI-FM Corsicana, Dallas/Fort Worth's new Kick."

AC KVIL does it this way: "KVIL Highland Park and KVIL-FM Highland Park/Dallas/
Fort Worth."  It's odd, but I like it since the AM is weak and is not really
audible in Fort Worth.

In Houston, KRBE-104.1/1070 does "104 KRBE-FM and AM Houston" and KKBQ-790
Houston/KKBQ-FM-92.9 Pasadena: "KKBQ-FM Pasadena, KKBQ Houston, the new
93Q Country, Houston's Fresh Country Hits."