Where are they now?

Where are they now?

Post by Bill Pfeiff » Sat, 12 Feb 1994 10:32:02

[Moderator's Note: This was in chi.media, thought it might be of interest...
There is a reply article at the end, from another local, but I was hoping
that perhaps Scott or some of the other history gurus hee can track some of
these people and tell us, not only where they are now, but where they
have been since their heyday.  Bill]

>Subject: Where are They Now - Chicago Radio People
>Organization: AT&T

I was just wondering if anyone knows what the following people, all Chicago
Radio stars of the past, are doing now.  Some are obvious, but some of the
others, well, nobody might know.  Anyway, here is the list with stations
they worked at in the past in ():

Art Roberts (WCFL)
Kris Erik Stevens (WCFL)
Tom Murphy, aka World Famous Tom Murphy (WCFL)
John Landecker (WLS) Now on WJMK
JJ Jeffries (WLS)
*** Sainte (WLS and CFL)
Doug Dahlgren (WCFL)
Connie Szerszen, aka Your Top Rock Female Jock (WIND)
Bob Del Giorno (WIND)
Penny Lane (WSDM)
Larry O'Brian (WCFL)
Ron O'Brian, aka Big Ron O'Brian - BROB, (WCFL)
Bob Dearborn (WCFL)
Larry Lujack (WLS and WCFL)  Now retired and play golf in Chicago area
*** Biondi (WLS, WCFL) Now on WJMK
Mitch Michaels (WBBM-FM)
Bob Sirott (BBM-FM and WLS)  Now does morning news on WMAQ
Tony Phillips (BBM-FM)
Tommy Edwards (WLS)  Is Tommy still the Bulls PA announcer?
Bill Bailey, of the Sunday, Sunday at US 30 Raceway fame (WLS)
Yvonne Daniels (WSDM and WLS) past away
Dave Baum (WIND)
Clark Weber (WLS, WCFL) now on WJJD
Bill Taylor (WCFL)
Stu Collins (WIND)
Jerry Kay (WCFL)
Don Gerardeaux (WCFL)
Jeff Davis (WLS)
Fred Winston (WLS)
Steve King (BBM-FM and WLS)
Bill Price (WLS)
Gary Gears (LS and CFL)
Johnny Driscoll (WCFL)
*** Shannon (WCFL)
Chuck Knapp (WCFL)
Dr. Brock (WCFL)

gene foster



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>Subject: Re: Where are They Now - Chicago Radio People
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Eugene Foster asked 'where are they now':

Quote:>Kris Erik Stevens (WCFL)

        Currently works for one of the satellite-fed programming services.

Quote:>Bob Dearborn (WCFL)

        I think he's also doing a satellit-fed oldies thing.

Quote:>Mitch Michaels (WBBM-FM)

        Was on WCKG for a while, I believe he's just laying low.

Quote:>Bob Sirott (BBM-FM and WLS)  Now does morning news on WMAQ

        Will be doing morning news show on WFLD-TV.

Quote:>Tommy Edwards (WLS)  Is Tommy still the Bulls PA announcer?

        Runs a radio consulting service out west somewhere (Phoenix?).

Quote:>Dave Baum (WIND)

        I believe Dave's also doing consulting.

Quote:>Fred Winston (WLS)

        Runs a radio consulting service in Chicago (I am sure of this one).

Quote:>Steve King (BBM-FM and WLS)

        Was on WGN for a while.  Is he gone from there?

In 1985, WLS-TV aired a half-hour show celebrating WLS-AM's 25th anniversary
as a rock-n-roll station.  Many of the former DJs were interviewed,
and their current (at that time) gigs were given.  I'll have to check
the tape to see what some of the others on (and not on) Eugene's list
were up to in '85.

As a side note, this 25th Anniversary program is pretty (albeit
unintentionally) funny:  here you have Lujack hosting the thing,
complete with his "get me the hell outta here" attitude, Steve and
Garry complaining that the whole "anniversary" thing is stupid, manufactured
sentiment, the young jocks (e.g. Brant Miller) showing their
youthful, hooray-for-the-company ambition, and then you see all the old
jocks talking about their glory days.  It didn't exactly make me want to
tune into WLS, although it wasn't too far off from being like a good
episode of SCTV.